AusPost – Lifestyle Survey – Join and be in the draw to win a $5,000

Lifestyle Survey terms and conditions

The Australia Post Lifestyle Survey program is owned and operated by the Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post) and is located at

The terms of use of this website and the Lifestyle Survey program incorporate the Australia Post website terms and conditions, the Privacy Statement (which can be found at and any additional terms and conditions that are linked to these terms of use (Terms of Use).

You must read these Terms of Use carefully before signing up to the Lifestyle Survey program and using this website. By accessing and using this website and the Lifestyle Survey program you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms of Use.

We may update these Terms of Use from time to time. The most current version of these Terms of Use can be found here, on this website, or is available on request.

The purpose of the Lifestyle Survey program is to the intention of this survey is to help companies (including Australia Post) send special offers to people who are most likely to be interested in them. As part of your membership with the program (Membership) from time to time we may send you, or you may receive, invitations to participate in focus groups, telephone interviews and surveys from Australia Post or third party organisations (Surveys) and offers to purchase products and services and/or enter competitions (Offers).
1. Eligibility

In order to be eligible to be a member (Member) of the Lifestyle Survey program you acknowledge the following:
(a) You must be 18 years of age or older to be a Member of the Lifestyle Survey program.
(b) You must an Australian resident.
(c) Australia Post has no control over the content or subject matter of the Offers and Surveys.
(d) Australia Post may, at its own discretion, refuse to allow you to participate in or may withdraw the Offers and Surveys at any time.
(e) Australia Post shall award points on completion of a Survey according to the terms and conditions of each Survey.
(f) You may only participate once in each Survey for which you qualify.
(g) You may only hold one account with the Lifestyle Survey program.
(h) You agree to receive information about relevant offers and promotions from third parties that we have relationships with.
(i) All information contained in the Surveys or Offers that you receive is strictly confidential and must not be disclosed to any other party.
(j) You acknowledge and agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement.
2. Registration

When you register with the Lifestyle Survey program you agree to only provide information that is true and correct and relates to you personally. You must not register any other person for a Lifestyle Survey account. You must make sure that you keep your registration details current and up to date so that the information you provide us with is accurate.

On satisfactory registration with Lifestyle Survey, you will receive one entry into the quarterly prize draw run by Australia Post to win $5,000.The terms and conditions of the prize draws are listed below.
3. Surveys

Upon successful registration of the Site, you are entitled to complete (subject to qualifying requirements) any of the Surveys contained in the Members Area.
(a) Profile Survey – Upon registration, you will automatically qualify to complete the Profile Survey. The purpose of this survey is to build your profile so you receive messages and surveys that are more relevant to you. By completing this survey, you acknowledge that third parties associated with Lifestyle Survey may be given your contact details and personal information in order to send you relevant offers and promote their products and services to you. If you complete the Profile Survey you will receive five entries into the quarterly prize draw run by Australia Post to win $5,000.Terms and conditions for the prize draw are listed below. The Profile Survey is optional and you are not obliged to complete it.
(b) Surveys – As a member of the Site, from time to time you will be invited to complete Surveys. Surveys may vary from time to time and will be available for limited time periods or until the target number of respondents is reached. Generally, the Surveys will be offered by third parties that we have relationships with, although occasionally the Survey may be offered by Australia Post directly.

When filling in and responding to surveys that you have been invited to participate in, you must answer questions accurately and honestly. You must not use inappropriate or profane language in your responses. Please ensure that you read and agree to all individual terms and conditions or disclaimers for the Surveys (including the Profile Survey) if applicable and available.
4. Offers

As a Member you may from time to time receive Offers. Offers may be sent to you via a number of methods including but not limited to: email, SMS and post. Each Offer that you receive will indicate the specific terms and conditions applicable to that Offer

Please read the Privacy Statement for more details about how we use your personal information to send you the Offers.
5. Lifestyle Survey Points Program

By completing Surveys on the Site you will be eligible to receive Lifestyle Survey Points. Lifestyle Survey Points can be collected and redeemed for redeemed for gift vouchers. Some surveys may also give you entries into our quarterly prize draws.

Each Survey will specify the number of Lifestyle Survey Points available for the completion of each Survey. All Lifestyle Survey Points shall be awarded subject to satisfactory completion of a Survey and will be credited to your Membership account. You may redeem your Lifestyle Survey Points as set out on the redemption page of the Site.
6. Redemption of Lifestyle Survey Points

To redeem Lifestyle Survey points, you must visit the ’Redeem your points’ page and make a selection from the range of rewards available. Your points are visible at the top of every page once you are logged in.
(a) Lifestyle Survey Points can be redeemed against a number of gift cards (Rewards) which are listed on the “Redeem your points” page.
(b) Australia Post is not the supplier of the Rewards and is not responsible for any liability arising out of the redemption of Rewards. Please read the terms and conditions specific to the Rewards before use.
(c) You will only be able to redeem Rewards that you have enough points for.
(d) Lifestyle Survey Points do not have cash value.
(e) You are responsible for checking the expiry / validity dates of your Reward. Australia Post will not exchange, reimburse Lifestyle Survey Points or extend the period of validity of your Reward. Once you have redeemed Lifestyle Survey Points, your Reward may not be returned or refunded except in accordance with your statutory rights.
(f) Any dispute regarding the Rewards must be directed to the named supplier of the Reward.
(g) You are responsible for ensuring that your contact details are up-to-date so the Reward is delivered to the correct address. Rewards will only be sent to addresses within Australia.
(h) Australia Post will not be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of Rewards once they have been redeemed.
(i) Australia Post reserves the right to change, add or remove Rewards available on the redeem page at its discretion and without notification to you.
(j) If you wish to terminate your Membership you will need to redeem your Lifestyle Survey points before doing so. Upon termination of your Membership, any Lifestyle Survey points remaining in your account shall be forfeited.
7. Accrual of Lifestyle Survey Points

If Lifestyle Survey Points are payable for a Survey, these shall be credited to your Membership account subject to the following terms:
(a) You are invited to participate in the Survey by way of an email invitation from Australia Post or the Survey is made available to you in the Members area of the Site
(b) Australia Post considers that you have completed all responses to the Survey accurately and honestly
(c) You are not disqualified from the Survey as a result of the responses provided by you
(d) You respond to the Survey prior to the close date for that offer, which will be specified in the invitation for the Survey
(e) You comply with all the terms and conditions specified in the invitation for the Survey and
(f) You respond to the Survey before the quota of responses (if any) for that Survey is reached.
Australia Post reserves the right to reduce the Lifestyle Survey Points amount payable to you in circumstances where:
(a) Your responses to a Survey disqualify you from inclusion in the Offer or
(b) You complete a Survey prior to the close date for the Survey, but after the quota of responses for the Survey has been reached.
Australia Post reserves the right to refuse payment of Lifestyle Survey Points to you if:
(a) You submit the results to a Survey partially completed or do not respond to the invitation; or
(b) If Australia Post considers that the Survey has been completed inaccurately or dishonestly.
8. Competitions

As mentioned above, Australia Post runs a quarterly prize draw where members will gain one entry into the draw for registering with the Lifestyle Survey program and an additional five entries into the draw for completing the Profile Survey. Some surveys may also give you entries into our quarterly prize draws. Prize Draw terms and conditions are listed out below.

From time to time Australia Post will offer Members prize draws that are hosted by independent third party partners (Third Party Partner). The terms of use of a Third Party Partner prize draw shall be maintained and hosted by the Third Party Partner. For the avoidance of doubt, the decision and responsibility to honour any reward or incentive will be the responsibility and discretion of the Third Party Partner.