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‘ Big monstrous family contest HT3′ game


Accor, a French société anonyme (public limited company) with share capital of €853,553,388, registered with the Nanterre Trade and Companies Registry under number 602 036 444, whose registered office is situated at 82 rue Henri Farman, 92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux (hereinafter, the ‘Organiser’), is organising a free competition with no obligation to purchase (hereinafter the ‘Competition’), from June 25th 2018 8 AM local time to August 31st July midnight :
– In Novotel hotels throughout the world participating to this contest
– On the Novotel Facebook page accessible at:
– On the Novotel Instagram page accessible at : This Competition is called: ‘ BIG MONSTRUOUS FAMILY CONTEST HT3’.

This Competition is organised exclusively on the Novotel Facebook pages & single Instagram page (via web mobile & app) and in Novotel Hotels participating to this contest from June 25th 2018 8 AM local time to August 31st July midnight and will be available worldwide (in the limit of participating countries).
The days and times indicated in these rules refer to the UTC+01:00 time zone (Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid and Paris). No other time zone will be taken into account for taking part in the Competition.
Entry to the Competition is open to any natural person aged 18 years or over on the Competition start date that have a Instagram or Facebook account (hereinafter the ‘Participant’), with the exception of the following:
i. employees and representatives of the Organiser;
ii. partners and subcontractors of the Organiser;

iii. family members and those persons indicated in i, ii and iv;
iv. generally speaking, any company or natural person directly or indirectly involved in setting up
or implementing the Competition.

These rules govern the running of the Competition and the selection of the winner.
Each Participant acknowledges that they have familiarised themselves with all the rules and with the principles of the Competition, and accept the terms thereof. Entry to this Competition implies full and unconditional acceptance by the Participant of all the terms set forth in these rules, as well as the ethical rules in force on the Internet and the laws and regulations in force applicable to competitions of this sort.
Any breach of any one of the provisions contain in these rules will result in the entry being invalidated.
As this Competition is accessible via Facebook, each Participant must also comply with the Facebook website terms of use. The Participant also acknowledges that they have been informed of Facebook’s privacy policy, which may be consulted directly on the Facebook website. The offices of Facebook Inc., the company that publishes the Facebook website, are situated at: 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025 (United States). This Competition is not, however, managed, sponsored or certified by Facebook Inc.. The information provided by Participants is transmitted to the Organiser and not to Facebook Inc.; it will not be sold or transferred to third parties in any manner whatsoever.
To participate :
 If the Participant participates in hotel he must follow all the following steps :
i. Be a guest in one of the Novotel participating hotels
ii. Guests take family photos on themselves with the in hotel photobooth in the background
iii. Guests publish the photo on Facebook or Instagram with the #NovotelFamily – Profile
and publication must be public
iv. Guests will receive an Instagram or Facebook private message asking him to provide the
required information, ie, first name, family name, valid email address and the answers to the other questions asked by private message on his Instagram or Facebook account.

 If the Participant participates on Facebook he must follow all the following steps :
i. Log in to his/her Facebook personal account
ii. ii. Go to one of the Novotel facebook page or post of the game , according to the country
of residence of the participant:
iii. Participants comment the post of the competition sharing a photo of their family dressed up as monsters, or with a photo of their family with drawings on top of it to give a monster- style to their family;
iv. Provide the required information, ie, first name, family name, valid email address and the answers to the other questions asked by private message on his Instagram or Facebook account.
 If the Participant participates on Instagram he must follow all the following steps :
i. Log in to his/her Instagram personal account
ii. Go on to Novotel Instagam page or post of the game, according to the country of residence of the participant: LINKS
iii. Participants Publish a picture of their family dressed up as monsters or with a photo of their family with drawings on top of it to give a monster-style to their family via a public Instagram story by mentioning @NovotelHotels and by using the following hashtags : #NovotelFamily and #HotelT3 ;
iv. Provide the required information, ie, first name, family name, valid email address and the answers to the other questions asked by private message on his Instagram or Facebook account.
Only one entry per person will be accepted.
There is no obligation to ‘Like’ the Novotel Facebook or Instagram page in order to take part.
One single winner will be drawn at random on September 1st in Paris.
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The winner will receive the following prize:
Return airport transfers in the destination city including meet & greet on arrival •3 nights at a 4 star hotel in a family room (to be provided by Accor) •Including breakfast
•Supplier liaison to book hotel with partner/Accor
•360 monster holiday experience by land, sea and air (4 hours) including: •Discover the best of Barcelona by land, sea and air
•Travel Insurance
•Winner management including:
•Access to an out-of-hours phone number staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week •A comprehensive winner feedback report
•Delivery of final documents to winner by email
•Initial & follow up calls with interpreter in home language with winner •Translation of itinerary & travel documents
•Return flights from capital city airport in European city to Barcelona, Spain (max value £/€apply) •Including one piece of hand luggage per person (max kg apply)
•Winners under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18
•Accommodation is based on a family of 4 sharing a family room; a family of 4 consists of 2 adults & 2 children under the age of 15 on date of travel
•Winner and all guests must travel together on the same trip & all elements of the prize must be taken at the same time
•Activity/accommodation vouchers may not be sent to winner until 7 days prior to event
•All flights do not include baggage, reserved seats or meals unless otherwise specified. Point of departure will be decided solely by promoter.
•Prize excludes travel between winner’s home &departure airport
•Specified accommodation, restaurants & tours are subject to availability at the time of booking. Alternatives may be offered dependant on availability
•Individual supplier terms & conditions apply including, but not limited to:
•Maximum weight for helicopter 110kg
•Winners should allow up to 30 days for their prize to be confirmed
•All prizes including flights are non-changeable, non-refundable & non-transferable
•Once booked the prize cannot be amended or altered
•Prize cannot be taken over Christmas, new year, valentine’s dayor public holidays inthe country of departure or the destination country unless stated otherwise
•Winners will be required to sign & complete a winner information & prize acceptance form &to submit copies of their passports in order to enable IMS to book their prize trip
•Winner’s requested departure date must have a minimum of90 daysadvance notice of travel after completion of their winner form unless stated otherwise
•Winner will be required to submit 3 preferred departure dates at least 1 calendar month apart
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•Prize must be taken before 30thAugust 2019 unless specified otherwise
•Prizes are not transferable unless specified otherwise
•Any necessary visas, vaccinations, passports & any associated costs are the responsibility of the winner & their guests.
•Hotel and room taxes are included. Incidentals, resort fees and city taxes are all payable locally by the winner. These cannot be prepaid.
•Winners must have access to a personal email account
•Winners will need a credit/ debit card in order to check-in at the hotel for a security deposit
•Travel insurance will be supplied to each winner &their companion(s) before departure with no pre- existing medical conditions. Travel insurance is subject to restrictions &the terms and conditions of the insurance provider. It is the responsibility of the winner &/or their companion(s) to meet any additional costs relating to obtaining insurance cover for any pre-existing medical condition &/or for any additional costs as may be specified where the winner &/or their companion(s) are aged 75 or over •All taxes (including without limitation national & local taxes) in connection with any prize &the reporting consequence thereof, are the sole responsibility of the prize winner
Only one prize will be awarded per household (same surname/same address and/or same e-mail address).
The prize is personal, non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-modifiable.
Under no circumstances may the Participant demand financial compensation instead of the prize. If circumstances require, the Organiser reserves the right to replace the prize by a similar prize of the same value.
The Organiser may not be held liable for use of the prize by the winner. Any resale of the prize by the winner is strictly prohibited. The Organiser waives all liability for any objections regarding the manner in which the prize is awarded.
The winner will be informed by private message on Facebook or Instagram before 1 September 2018. The winner will then have 15 days from receiving said private message in which to contact the Organiser
by post or email in order to claim their prize.
In the absence of any response within the aforementioned period, the winner will be deemed to have renounced the prize. The Organiser will then select a new winner in the same manner.
The name of the winner will be available from the Organiser.
8. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND IMAGE RIGHTS Intellectual property of the Organiser
Entry to the Competition does not confer upon Participants any rights regarding the Organiser’s intellectual property. Thus, pursuant to the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code (Code
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de la propriété intellectuelle), the reproduction, representation or exploitation of all or part of the graphic, textual or other elements comprising this Competition as well as the following websites:
Instagram = Facebook =
is strictly prohibited. All trademarks, graphics and product names cited are registered trademarks, graphics or product names.
Any exploitation of the elements comprising the Competition, in whatever manner, is subject to compliance with intellectual property rules.
8.2 Intellectual property of the Participant
Each Participant warrants:
– that they are the sole author of the photograph concerned;
– that the work they have submitted as part of the Competition is original and hitherto unpublished;

– work;

that they are the sole owner of the exploitation rights associated with the photograph;
that they have obtained the express, written consent of persons physically recognisable in the
that they have obtained the express, written consent of the persons with parental authority if the photo contains a minor.
Participants are, in particular, prohibited from reproducing an existing work.
Generally speaking, Participants shall hold the Organiser harmless from and against any claims, legal action or complaints that may be formulated for whatever reason by any third party as a result of the exercising of the rights assigned and, in general, in respect of all the warranties and commitments made.
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Each Participant represents that they are the author of the posted images, and undertakes to comply with the regulations concerning copyright and image rights.
Each Participant also undertakes to ensure that the photo(s) posted are not contrary to public order and morality.
Photos containing content deemed of an advertising, promotional, commercial, unlawful, shocking, defamatory, pornographic, racist or hateful nature, or which generally undermine human or animal dignity, will also be excluded from the competition.
The Organiser therefore reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to moderate retroactively and not validate, or even exclude from the Competition, any Participant and/or any photo that does not meet any of the conditions set forth in these rules.
Furthermore, the Participant expressly and unconditionally authorises the publication of their photo, free of charge, for information or promotional purposes for any use in connection with this Competition and/or its results, on any media. The Participant therefore expressly grants the Organiser the right to publish, disseminate, reproduce and adapt the photograph transmitted as part of this Competition for the purpose of its representation in any current or future medium and in any form, particularly for information and illustration, promotional and commercial ends (social networks, websites, etc.).
The assignment of rights provided for in this article is granted to the Organiser by each Participant for a period of one year, for the whole world.
8.3 Image rights
Insofar as Participants must publish their photos under the terms provided in article 4 in order to take part in the Competition, Participants may be required to publish photos representing themselves and/or third parties.
To this end, Participants expressly authorise the Organiser to disseminate their image as well as that of the individuals represented in the published photo in line with the assignment of rights and, in particular, for internal usage as well as on the Novotel Facebook pages and Instagram page accessible at Instagram =
Facebook =
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The image grants assigned include the right to reproduce and communicate their image to the public by any technical means and in the media indicated above.
Accordingly, Participants and any individuals appearing in the photos published by the latter consent, in full knowledge of the facts, to their image being used in full or in part by the Organiser in the context of the Competition and to it being associated with a text or comment provided the latter are not of a disparaging, defamatory, insulting or, generally speaking, demeaning or pejorative nature.
The Participant represents and warrants that all third parties appearing in the photos gave their authorisation for their image to be disseminated in the context of this Competition and under the terms of these Rules, prior to the photo being taken.
Where minors are represented in the photos, the Participant represents and warrants that they have duly obtained the consent of all persons with parental authority.
The Participant undertakes to assume full responsibility for any claim or action that may be brought by a third party for damage to their image, and liability for any sanctions, particularly of a pecuniary nature, that may be awarded.
Participants are hereby informed that they may withdraw this authorisation at any time.
This authorisation is granted free of charge, for the whole world. It is valid for (1) one year as from publication of the photo on the Competition Information post, and is also binding on Participants’ heirs and successors.
Participants warrant that they are not bound by any agreement with a third party, of any nature whatsoever, with the purpose or effect of limiting or preventing the implementation of this authorisation.
The Organiser reserves the right to conduct any form of verification enabling it to ensure that each entry complies with all the terms of these rules. The Organiser may, in particular, verify the following to this end:
– The Participant’s identity;
– The single nature of the Participant’s entry.
– Participation in this Game is strictly personal and nominative. Only one entry per person (same name, same first name, same email address) will be allowed for the duration of the Game.
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– It is strictly forbidden to play with multiple Facebook accounts for one and the same person. The Organizing Company reserves the right to cancel the participation of the Participant who would use several Facebook accounts
– Any incorrect, incomplete, illegible, infringing or infringing participation to these Rules will be automatically canceled by the Organizing Company.
– The Participant agrees not to implement or seek to implement any method of unfair participation or any fraudulent conduct that does not comply with these Rules and the laws, regulations and other texts applicable to the quizzes in force in France and the terms of use of Facebook.
– Each Participant also agrees that the content posted on the Facebook site does not contravene public order and morality.
– The Participant warrants that the posted content is not advertising, promotional, commercial, illegal, offensive, defamatory, pornographic, racist, hateful and / or does not further damage human or animal dignity.
– Thus, the Organizing Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to moderate ex post facto and not to validate or even exclude from the Game any Participant and / or any content that does not respect one of the conditions of the present rules.
– The Organizing Company reserves the right to exclude any Participant who deliberately defrauded.
– With reference to articles 323-1, 323-2, 323-3 and 323-3-1 of the Penal Code, the Participant who has developed or used software to automatically play the Game will be excluded and a complaint may be filed by the Company. Organizer for attempted fraud.
– The Organizing Company reserves the right to permanently exclude from the Game, any Participant not respecting one or more rules set forth in these Rules, in particular by creating false identities allowing to register several times), and more generally;
– In the event of exclusion of a Participant, he is deprived of all his rights under the Rules and in particular those related to obtaining the endowment (s) put at stake .
– In addition, the Organizing Company reserves the right, where applicable, to take legal action against any Participant contravening one or more provisions of the Regulation.
The Organiser reserves the right to suspend, postpone, extend or cancel the Competition without notice in the event of force majeure, after informing Participants by any appropriate means. It may not be held liable in this respect.
The Organiser may not be held liable for Internet or electrical disruptions, incorrect use of the Internet, receiving hardware malfunctions or any other incident affecting the Competition and that may prevent an Internet user from entering before the Competition end date.
It is the responsibility of each Participant to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or the software stored on their computer hardware against any damage. Participants are solely responsible for their connection to the page and participation in the Competition. Any Participant who attempts to tamper with the Competition’s IT system in any manner whatsoever, in order to win or
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attempt to win, will be excluded from the Competition. The Organiser reserves the right to take legal action against anyone committing fraud or attempted fraud.
The Organiser may not be held liable for any harm, of any nature:
– following a website malfunction, computer errors, or the existence of viruses or other problems liable to cause damage,
– following events of a force majeure nature (strike, bad weather, war, attack) partially or completely depriving the winner of use of their prize,
– following any incident affecting the winner when using their prize.
The Organiser may not be held liable in the event of the rejection of any entry not conforming to all the
provisions contained in these rules.
These rules are governed and subject to the provisions of French law.
They have been drafted in English. In the event of a contradiction with any version in another language, the provisions contained in the English version will take precedence.
In the event of a dispute arising in connection with the interpretation or execution of these rules, the Participant and Organiser shall first and foremost seek an amicable resolution. The Participant may have recourse to a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative means of dispute resolution.
In the absence of an amicable resolution, the dispute will be referred to a court with territorial jurisdiction by virtue of the provisions of the French Code of Civil Procedure (Code de procédure civile) or Consumer Affairs Code (Code de la consommation).
The winner thus authorises the Organiser to use, disseminate and communicate their name and prize. The winner may expressly indicate their refusal to have their name communicated by responding accordingly to the Organiser’s e-mail informing them of their prize.
In order for their participation in the Game to be taken into account and validated, the participants must obligatorily provide certain personal information concerning them, such as: Civility, Name, Surname, Email, address, ZIP code, date of birth, The processing of these data is necessary to take into account this participation, the determination of the winners and the allocation of endowments.
These data are intended for the Organizing Company, Treatment Manager, for its own needs of organization of the Game. The Organizing Company reserves the right to have them processed by a
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subcontractor or partner meeting the legal and regulatory requirements relating to the organization. protection of personal data whether in terms of confidentiality, security or their location. Under no circumstances will personal data collected be transferred to third parties for commercial purposes. Each participant may exercise his rights (access to the data, correction, deletion or opposition to the treatment) by writing to the Data Protection Officer of the Organizing Company at the following address: The participant or voter will take care to indicate his last name, first name, valid e-mail of contact and postal address and will join at his request the copy of a valid proof of identity bearing his signature.
Persons who exercise the right to delete data concerning them before the end of the Game will be deemed to have waived their participation.
Participants are also informed that, unless otherwise provided by law or regulation, the data collected will be kept for the time necessary for the duration of the treatment. They may also lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
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