Tweed Regional Gallery Submit portrait for Olive Cotton Award & – Win $20000 Minor Prizes

Olive Cotton Award 2019
Conditions of Entry
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1) ENTRANT ELIGIBILITY: The Olive Cotton Award is open to artists living and working in Australia who are Australian
citizens or have been Australian residents for 12 months or more.
be a new portrait completed since 1 April 2017, owned and created by the artist;
not have been previously exhibited (including online but excluding the entrant’s personal webpage or social media
platform), shown in competitions or awarded a prize;
be photographic, archivally sound, still and two-dimensional;
comply with the size limits and able to be hung on or pinned to Gallery walls.
The Judge will be looking for excellence in photographic technique, creativity and originality to the standards prescribed by the
Director, Tweed Regional Gallery.
3) ENTRY FEE AND DUE DATE: Entry is limited to ONE ENTRY ONLY per person, artistic duo or collective.
The entry fee is $33.00 (incl. GST), not refundable under any circumstances.
Entry form and entry fee must be submitted on line at by midnight Friday 3 May 2019.
Entry to the award constitutes the entrant’s agreement to be bound by the Conditions of Entry.
4) SIZE LIMITS AND FRAMING: Your entry form must contain your best estimate of finished size, in centimetres. The
finished size must comply with the size limits listed in Condition 7.
Entry should be submitted as a DIGITAL FILE emailed to
Digital file must be a JPEG file, no more than 3MB. Please name your file using the format: SURNAME_First name_Title
Suggested picture size is approximately 2,000 pixels on the longest side.
Where a digital file is not possible, an unframed and unmounted ENTRY PRINT of your finished work, maximum A4 paper
size, will be accepted. Entry print must be clearly identified on reverse with Artist’s Name and Entry Title. Entry prints are not
returned. Post to Olive Cotton Award, PO Box 816, MURWILLUMBAH NSW 2484 or deliver in person to the Gallery.
6) A PRE-SELECTION will be conducted at which the Judge will view all entries and select approximately 70 artworks for
exhibition. The Judge will be looking for work that fulfils the Conditions of Entry, in particular Conditions 2, 4, 5 and 7.
The Gallery will advise entrants of the pre-selection outcome, by email, by no later than Sunday 19 May 2019.
Entries selected for exhibition must be delivered to the Gallery, ready to hang, as per Condition 8.
7) SIZE LIMITS, FRAMING AND DISPLAY. The minimum image size / framed size for exhibition is 20cm x 20cm.
A FRAMED ENTRY must be framed to professional standards and ready to hang with D-rings attached to rear, 6cm
down from the top on both sides of the frame. Please don’t attach strings or wires. For safe travel and handling consider
using Perspex glazing. Please attach a label to the back of framed artwork listing Artist’s Name and Entry Title.
The maximum finished size, including frame and any protuberances is either 100cm high x 150cm wide
OR 150cm high x 100cm wide.
UNFRAMED WORK is accepted only where this presentation is integral to the artwork. Unframed work will be hung using
pins. It is recommended that you reinforce corners on the reverse side. Alternatively, the Gallery will add reinforcing if it is
considered that it is required. Unframed works are handled with care but are submitted at the entrant’s risk.
The maximum finished size, including any border or handling area, is either 100cm high x 80cm wide
OR 80cm high x 100cm wide.
Requests to submit an entry outside these parameters may be made in writing by 5.00pm Thursday 18 April 2019.
The Gallery reserves the right to not display any work considered unsafe or unsuitable for public display.
Olive Cotton Award 2019
Conditions of Entry
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8) DELIVERY: Finalists’ entries must be delivered to the Gallery, ready to hang. To aid with identification please clearly
mark “OCA” on the outside of parcel, along with Entrant Name. Receiving dates are between Monday 24 and Sunday 30
June 2019 (to be confirmed on notification to finalists).
9) COLLECTION: All exhibited entries, not sold or acquired, must be collected by Wednesday 3 October 2019.
Entries requiring repackaging will be available from Tuesday 1 October 2019.
Entries for personal collection, which don’t require repackaging, may be collected from Tuesday 24 September 2019.
10) All transport arrangements and costs to and from the Gallery, including insurance, are the responsibility of the entrant.
The Gallery will take all care, but can accept no responsibility for damaged work. Address labels and instructions for return
must be supplied (eg. courier consignment dockets, Australia Post stamps/labels). The entrant is responsible for booking
courier pick-ups within the designated collection dates.
11) SALES: All exhibited entries must be for sale including 33% Gallery commission and GST. Eg: $100 retail = $67 nett to
the artist and $33 commission incl. GST to the Gallery. Exhibitors whose work is sold are required to submit an invoice to
Tweed Shire Council requesting payment of the nett price. Invoicing requirements will be advised following art sale.
The exhibition of finalists will be shown at the Tweed Regional Gallery from
Friday 12 July to Sunday 22 September 2019. Judging is scheduled for Friday 21 July, following which the Gallery will
attempt to contact prize-winners so they can make arrangements to attend the Announcement, if possible. Prize-winners will
be announced at the official exhibition opening on Saturday 13 July 2017, at 5.00 for 5.45pm speeches.
13) FIRST PRIZE ACQUISITION: The $20,000 first prize is acquisitive, and the winning entry passes directly into the
permanent collection of the Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre.
14) DIRECTOR’S CHOICE AWARDS: The Friends of Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre Inc. fund
Director’s Choice Awards (purchase acquisitions) to the value of $4,000. Artworks are purchased at the wholesale value
(retail price less Gallery commission). Winners are required to submit an invoice to Tweed Shire Council for payment –
instructions for invoicing will be advised.
15) $250 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: The Friends of Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre Inc. fund an
additional $250 People’s Choice Award to be announced following the conclusion of the exhibition. The winner will be paid
by cheque from the Friends of Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre Inc.
By the GALLERY: Entries selected for exhibition may be reproduced, with applicable artist credit line, in print and electronic
media – including, but not limited to, exhibition catalogues, entry forms, information sheets and online – for the purposes of
publicity and promotion of the Olive Cotton Award. Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre reserves the right to
reproduce any finalist in subsequent publications by the Gallery in relation to the Award and to reproduce the prize winner and
any further acquisitions in relation to the Gallery’s Permanent Collection.
By ENTRANT: After pre-selection, entry images may be posted to social media or other sites to announce selection for the
17) The decision of the Judge is final, in both the pre-selection and final judging, and no discussion shall be entered
into. The Director, Tweed Regional Gallery, reserves the right to make the final decision in respect of any issue relating to the
organisation and administration of the Award.