B105 – $100K Cash Splash – Win 1 of 245 cash prizes

Promotional Period:

Opens 16 Jan 2023
Closes 02 Apr 2023

How to Enter:

Call 13 10 60 when given the cue to call

On air listeners will play ‘$100k Cash Splash’ – (beat the bomb style game)

Listen as the cash increments increase and make sure to ‘Grab the Cash before the Splash!)

To enter, entrants must on Contesting Day:

1. Listen to B105 and telephone the station competition line following the broadcast of a cue to call.

2. Be selected by the Promoter in accordance with the Judging Details to be a Contestant and participate in an on air challenge:

(a) The Contestant will be played an audio montage of varying cash values, up to an undisclosed maximum cash value. This montage will at some point be interrupted by a splashing sound audio package (or similar sound effect).

(b) The Contestant will be invited to say the word “stop” (or another word as specified by the Promoter) before they believe the cash is “splashed”

(c) If the Contestant says “stop” before the cash is splashed (as determined by the Promoter), they will be deemed a Major Prize Winner and win the last amount of cash stated in the audio montage before the Contestant said “stop’.

(d) If the Contestant fails to say “stop” before the cash is splashed (as determined by the Promoter), the Contestant will not win a prize.

For full Terms and Conditions, please see the link below.