WSFM – Win $1,000 WSFM thanks to the brand new movie CUBAN FURY

Think you know your Classic Hits? What about your Classic Hits…in Spanish?!

Every morning this week Jonesy & Amanda are giving you the chance to win $1,000 thanks to the brand new movie CUBAN FURY!

They’ve enlisted the help of The Living Room’s saucy chef Miguel Maestre…he’ll be belting out one of your favourite classic hits…in Spanish!

Correctly identify the song and you score the CASH!

Amanda has a great relationship with her co-hosts on the Living room! In particular Miguel who is larger than life. Over a dedicated week Miguel will join Jonesy & Amanda to promote the movie Cuban Fury.

Having a Spanish background, Miguel who can speak fluent Spanish will use his skill to sing a Classic hit in Spanish on air each day. Listeners will be required to call the studio and correctly identify which classic hit Miguel is signing.

If the listener is correct in identifying the song they will win themselves $1,000 cash and an in-season pass to see Cuban Fury. During the campaign Cuban Fury will be referenced and reflected as the go to movie to see this season!

Call 139736 When you hear the cue to call

Jonesy and Amanda’s Cuban Classics – Thanks to Cuban Fury in cinemas March 20