KFC Snack in Face Game – WIN 2,500 Snacks Daily – Prize Pool Value Up To $474,600

The competition closes on 2/12/2013.

Play game to instant win 2,500 Snacks daily. You can win once per round.

In total 140,000 free KFC snacks will be given away,
2,500 free prizes every day of the campaign plus
multiple achievement prize opportunities also available.
All rewards will be mobile-based and redeemable in all 600 KFC stores in Australia

Download the KFC Snack in Face Game Application (“the Game”)

To download the Game, the individual must, during the Promotional Period, have a compatible mobile phone device, visit the AppStore or Google Play, and in accordance with the instructions download the Game to their compatible mobile phone device. Standard carrier download fees will apply to download the Game. The Promoter is not responsible should the individual not have a compatible mobile phone device.

Play the Game in Snack Mode to win prizes

Once the individual has downloaded the Game, to enter he or she must play the Game in the Snack Time Mode, during a Snack Time Period. There will be a challenge specified for each Snack Time Period (“Snack Challenge”). During each Snack Time Period, there will initially be 2500 prizes available to be won instantly. The prizes in a Snack Time Period may increase, as any un-won prizes from any previous Snack Time Period will roll over. The prizes will be randomly awarded instantly to 2500 entrants who successfully complete the relevant Snack Challenge, in Snack Time Mode, during the relevant Snack Time Period. For the sake of clarity, the number of prizes won in a Snack Time Period may increase with prizes rolled over from pervious Snack Time Periods. Accordingly the number of entrants that win a prize in a Snack Time Period may increase.

The initial prizes available to be won during each Snack Time Period are as specified in the below table. Each prize will be awarded in the form of a voucher that will be automatically credited to a winning entrant’s ‘My Snack Account’.

Total prize pool value is up to $474,600.