Win a Christmas Bauble for Every Letter

Brief Terms & Conditions

Close (eek), we’re fast tracking it over 12 days!

Your Chance To Win

Win a christmas bauble for every letter

Our bauble giveaway is back and we’re giving away a Christmas bauble for every letter of the alphabet.

Entries open worldwide but postage is only covered for domestic shipping in australia

Winners are drawn every 2-3 days. winners, we’ll refund you the winning bauble! winners even get 50% off up to 6 more baubles to complete their family collection.

Winners must be following us to enter / claim prize.

How To Enter

To enter please visit

To enter, keep an eye on our instagram feed for the letters of the day – each day around 8am (we say around as we have a school run to content with) we’ll post the daily 2-3 letters.