Student Edge – Competition

Student Edge Contributor Terms and Conditions
1. Contributors are being sought to cover news stories as well as write op-ed
content and reviews for Student Edge. They will ideally be:
media and journalism students
someone with a passion and flair for writing
someone with a desire to see their work published online
2. A Contributor is expected to illustrate prior to commencement with Student Edge
their available hours and, following a discussion with the Editor, the amount of
content they will reasonably produce over the following three months (with the
possibility of an extension to six months). If these requirements are not met, the
Company is free to terminate the arrangement with the Contributor.
3. Contributors to Student Edge must adhere to the Company’s editorial guidelines
at all times.
4. Contributors must declare that their submissions are 100% original and created
by them. They are solely responsible (not the Company) if it is found they have
infringed on someone else’s copyright.
5. If a Contributor’s conduct or writing does not meet the expectations and
requirements set forth in advance by the Editor, they will not be invited to
continue contributing to Student Edge.
6. Contributors will not receive financial remuneration of any kind for the content
produced by them during their time as Contributor to Student Edge.
7. However, Contributors can expect regular mentoring sessions with the Editor,
and frequent feedback, to help develop their writing skills.
8. Content produced by Contributors may be hosted on the Student Edge website
only in conjunction with Student Edge.
9. Ownership of content created by Contributors remains with Student Edge and
does not pass to the Contributor at any time.
10.Content may not be reproduced or sold by Contributors without prior permission
by the Company.
11.Contributors understand that articles may be edited (for grammar and readability)
and will be published by the Company at its discretion.
12.Contributors must uphold the values of the Company at all times, in public and
13.The views of a Contributor are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect those of
the Company. At no time should a Contributor be permitted to speak for or enter
into any contracts on behalf of the Company.
14.Student Edge accepts no responsibility for any reliance upon the articles created
by Contributors.
15.The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or personal injury suffered or
sustained as a result of contributing to Student Edge.
16.The Company is Student Edge Pty Ltd (ABN 78116154904) 2/454 Roberts Road
Subiaco WA 6008.