Loterywest – Win a $20000 Getaway (prize valued at $20,000)

20K Getaway
Terms and Conditions
1. The following Terms and Conditions, which hereby include and incorporate the provisions
of the Schedule hereto (“the Schedule”), apply to the competition described at Item 1 of the
Schedule (“the Competition”). A reference to these Terms and Conditions includes the
provisions of the Schedule which provisions apply and are enforceable in accordance with
their terms. By submitting an entry into the Competition, entrants warrant and agree that
they have read and are bound and will abide by these Terms and Conditions.
2. In these Terms and Conditions, the word “entrant” includes someone who participates in
the Competition but excludes someone:
a. whose entry is for whatever reason (including being contrary to these Terms and
Conditions) invalid or void; and
b. is for whatever reason (including being contrary to these Terms and Conditions)
ineligible to participate or is disqualified from participating.
3. These Terms and Conditions can be viewed on the Competitions page:
4. The Competition promoter is the Lotteries Commission (ABN 78 531 150 466) trading as
Lotterywest, 38 Station Street, Subiaco WA 6008.(Lotterywest)
5. Entrants must reside in Western Australia and be aged sixteen (16) years or older in order
to enter and be eligible to win the Competition.
6. Employees of Lotterywest, and contractors and companies providing goods or services to
Lotterywest in connection with this Competition and their immediate families, are all
ineligible to enter the Competition. Owners and staff of Lotterywest retail outlets and their
immediate families are all ineligible to enter the Competition. Immediate family includes
spouse, defacto spouse, parents (including any adoptive or foster parent), grandparents,
natural or adopted children and siblings.
7. To enter the Competition, the entrant must comply with Item 2 of the Schedule (and Item 3
of the Schedule if not a Lotterywest member).
8. The Competition commences and ends on the dates set out in Items 5 and 6 of the
9. All prizes are in Australian dollars, inclusive of GST and are correct at the time of printing.
20K Getaway
Terms and Conditions
10.Winners should seek independent financial advice about any tax implications that may
arise from the prize winnings.
11.Lotterywest will select the winner as set out in Item 9 of the Schedule.
12.The winner will have 28 days from and including the date of the draw (set out at Item 9 of
the Schedule) to claim their prize by telephone. If not claimed within this time, the prize will
be forfeited.
13.To collect their prize, the winner must produce the prize winning ticket along with two forms
of correct identification, including one item of photographic information, to verify that (s)he
is at least sixteen (16) years old. Alternative arrangements may be made for winners from
outside the Perth metropolitan (at Lotterywest’s discretion) by calling Lotterywest Customer
Services on 133 777. In all other cases, the winner must visit the Lotterywest Head Office
at Level 2, 38 Station Street, Subiaco WA 6008 to collect their prize.
14.The cash prize will be paid by bank transfer. The winner will need to produce relevant bank
account details to Lotterywest, before Lotterywest will pay the relevant cash prize.
15.The prize must be taken as supplied (described in Item 8 of the Schedule) and is not
16.Lotterywest reserves the right to use any forfeited prize for other promotions.
17.Lotterywest may publicise the names, characters, likenesses, voices or footage of any
entrants for any promotion or matter incidental to the Competition without any
compensation to the entrants.
18.Lotterywest may use such publicity materials in any medium (including, without limitation,
the internet) and in any reasonable manner it sees fit.
19.Each entrant hereby indemnifies Lotterywest and the State of Western Australia (“the
State”) from and against:
a. any loss, damage, claim, lawsuit, liability, action, demand or cause of action
suffered or incurred by or brought or alleged against Lotterywest or the State on
account of the entrant breaching these Terms and Conditions; and
b. any loss or liability incurred or suffered by Lotterywest or the State on account of
the entrant or any other third party bringing or alleging any claim, lawsuit, action,
20K Getaway
Terms and Conditions
demand or cause of action against either or both of Lotterywest and the State in
connection with the entrant’s actual or ostensible participation in the Competition.
20.Neither Lotterywest nor the State shall be liable (in negligence or howsoever) and no
entrant shall bring or allege or allow to be brought or alleged any claim, proceedings,
action, demand, lawsuit or cause of action on account of any loss of property (including
income, revenue, out-of-pocket expenses or business opportunity), damage to property or
personal injury (including death or illness) suffered or incurred by any entrant in connection
or associated with or on account of the Competition. Without limiting the previous
sentence, it (the previous sentence) applies even if for whatever reason whatsoever:
a. an entrant has not been able to submit a valid entry on time;
b. a prize has been lost or damaged in transit; or
c. a winner has not received their prize.
21.Each entrant agrees that Lotterywest may disqualify any entrant for:
a. cheating or tampering with the entry process, including exceeding any limitation
on the numbers of entries, or any other process as determined by Lotterywest
that in any way affects the fairness of the Competition;
b. tampering with the operation of the Competition or website; or
c. acting in violation of these Terms and Conditions.
22.In all matters, all decisions of Lotterywest and staff (concerning or in relation to the
Competition) will be final and cannot be contested in court or elsewhere. No
correspondence or discussions will be entered into.
23.Lotterywest may vary or waive the Terms and Conditions or terminate this Competition at
any time at its absolute discretion without liability to any entrant or any other person.
24.A failure by Lotterywest to enforce these Terms and Conditions in any instance(s) will not
give rise to any claim or right of action by any entrant or any other person.
25.The personal information supplied by entrants when entering this Competition will be used
by Lotterywest in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Please refer to the Privacy Policy by
visiting the website for more information as involvement in this Competition is an
agreement by each entrant to be bound by and comply with that policy.
20K Getaway
Terms and Conditions
1. The Competition is the ’20K Getaway’ competition.
2. To enter the Competition, the entrant must purchase a Saturday Lotto Slikpik 30 (Valued at
$21.25) or a ticket of equal or higher value for the $20 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw
held on Saturday 23 June 2018 (Draw 3853).
3. To submit their entry in the Competition, the entrant must complete the entry form on the
Lotterywest website (lotterywest.wa.gov.au/superdrawgetaway) by providing a valid 30-digit
ticket number if purchased in-store, or 10-digit ticket number if purchased online, from their
ticket (as outlined in item 2) for Draw 3853 (Saturday 23 June 2018).
4. Players who purchase a ticket through their Lotterywest Membership will be entered
automatically into the draw, and will also receive one (1) additional bonus entry. Automatic
entry includes tickets purchased with the Lotterywest Membership, Players’ Card, via the
website or App.
5. The Competition commences at 9:00am (WST) on Friday 1 June 2018.
6. Entries must be received by Lotterywest by 6:00pm (WST) on Monday 25 June 2018.
Entries received after this time (as determined by Lotterywest) will automatically be
deemed as invalid.
7. Entrants may enter multiple times provided a unique ticket number is used for each entry. A
unique ticket number can only be entered once for the entire Competition. Multiple entries
using the same ticket number will be disqualified.
8. There is one prize of $20,000 cash or a $20,000 Allure Travel by CTM Voucher (inclusive
of GST) to be won. The Allure Travel by CTM voucher is subject to the following conditions
if selected:
a) It is valid until 1 July 2019 (no extensions).
b) It is non-transferable or refundable.
c) It is not redeemable for cash; any refunds for cancelled travel will remain on file for
future bookings.
d) No one booking under the value of $2,500 can be redeemed with this voucher
e) Booking fee will be waived when this voucher is applied towards payment, however
all ancillary fees and charges will apply where required for each transaction & will be
paid upon booking (can be deducted from the voucher value).
f) Bookings must be booked within a 5-working day minimum.
g) Cannot be redeemed for meals or ancillary purchases at hotels or other travel
20K Getaway
Terms and Conditions
h) CTM / Allure Travel only fulfil travel arrangements with reputable suppliers whereby
an existing commercial relationship is in place.
9. The draw will take place on Wednesday 27 June 2018 at Lotterywest Head Office, 38
Station Street, Subiaco WA 6008. The winner will be determined by random number
generator and will be notified by Lotterywest by telephone. If Lotterywest cannot contact a
winner within 10 working days, the Competition prize will be forfeited and a new winner will
be drawn.