KIIS 101.1 – Jase & PJ’s Word Play – Win 1 of 4 cash prizes valued at $5,000 each

Entrants must be a resident in VIC.

Competition commences Monday 11th of January 2021 at 7:00am (AEDT).

Competition concludes Friday 3rd of December 2021 at 9:00am (AEDT).

How to Enter:

Phone entry:

At various times during the Competition Period (and in some cases prior to the competition start date):

(a) The Promoter will solicit on 13 1065 for callers to participate in Jase & PJ’s $5K Word Play during a specified time period. Listeners may also be invited via Station on-air commercials; announcer solicits or via social media to take part in the competition.

(b) Entrants who successfully call 13 1065 and are selected by the Promoter (in its absolute discretion) and meet the entry restrictions or will receive the opportunity to play the contest on air.

(c) The Promoter will select the callers at its discretion.
(d) If the Promoter is unable to contact eligible Contestants within the time period specified, they will forfeit their entry which will be replaced by another chosen entrant.

(e) Entrants may be required to go through an eligibility checklist off air (at the absolute discretion of the Promoter) as noted in the entry restrictions. If the entrant who successfully calls does not meet the eligibility requirements they will not go through to play Jase & PJ’s $5K Word Play.

(f) The entrant will be allocated a host (e.g. Jase or PJ) or may be asked to select which host to play the contest with by the promoter.

(g) The entrant or vice versa will be told 5 random words by the promoter in which the entrant must respond with the first word they think of as ‘word association’. E.g. Promoter states colour, entrant says blue as the answer.

(h) The host or vice versa will then be asked to respond on the same 5 random words. If the five host words match the five entrants answers the entrant will be awarded a major prize. If one or more of the words do not match the contestant will not be awarded a prize.

(i) For avoidance of doubt the host and entrant will not be able to hear the others answers of the ‘word association’.

(j) Entrants may only submit one answer per word on air. Answers submitted in any other way will be deemed invalid, as determined by the Promoter in the Promoter’s absolute and sole discretion.

(k) At any time during contesting the announcer(s) may give the entrant additional challenges or bribes. Examples including, but not limited to: A bonus round/double or nothing.

(l) Rules will be stipulated on air by the Promoter, at its absolute discretion.

(m) A prize is not guaranteed if the contestant does not answer the questions correctly.

(n) The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

(o) The Promoter reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refrain from broadcasting any call.

For full Terms and Conditions, please see the link below.