Kaisercraft – Win Competition – june/july 2020 (prize valued at $4,500)

Brief Terms & Conditions

Starts: 9:00am AEST 27/06/2020

Your Chance To Win

Win competition – june/july 2020

Win 1/3 large beanie boo toys per day

Win poster/s within competition dates

Neglecting to use the hashtag kaiserkids will make entrants ineligible to win a prize

Judges will take into consideration the age of entrants & their skill level

Please note this is a children’s colouring competition and entrants must be under the age of 18

Entrants ineligible to win a prize

Entrants must colour in & enter their kaisercraft colour to win poster/s within competition dates

Entrants must be under the age of 18

Entrants are permitted to enter the competition as many times as they like

Entrants can only win one prize

Entrants will be judged based on their colouring skills and judged by kaisercraft representatives

Entrants & their skill level

Winners will be notified via facebook & instagram

Winners will be awarded.
prizes to be won. prizes will be awarded daily starting 28/06/2020 and ending 20/07/2020.

Prize is a Large Beanie Boo (RRP $69.99 AUD). Prizes will be awarded based on entrant’s colouring skills at the discretion of a Kaisercraft representative. Winners have until 20th August 2020 to claim & collect their prize. prize, winner’s will need to visit an elected Kaisercraft store to collect their Large Beanie Boo. winners will have a choice from the available Large Beanie Boos in store only.

Prize Conditions
– Winners will be notified via Facebook & Instagram.
– Winners first name & state of residence will be written on the Kaisercraft website for 28 days after the competition ends.
winners picked from Sunday 28th June – Monday 20th July 2020

How To Enter

To enter please visit https://www.kaisercraft.com.au/pages/competition-terms-conditions?