HIT Network – Win up to $3,000 cash

Online Registration period:

Opens 22 Feb 2023 06:00 AEST
Closes 18 Oct 2023 at 15:00 AEST, or until the Major Prize has been awarded, whichever occurs first

How to Enter:

To enter, entrants must:

1. Attend an outdoor broadcast, as announced by the Promoter;


2. Listen to the Carrie & Tommy Show during the Contesting Period and telephone the station competition line following the broadcast of a cue to call,


3. During the Online Registration Period, visit the Website to register their details (and the details of their child who they would like to participate in the promotion, if relevant), and answer the question(s) as specified by the Promoter at the point of entry,

i. Be selected by the Promoter in accordance with the Judging Details to participate in an on air challenge (if a child is willing to participate, the parent must confirm that they give their consent for their child to participate in the Contesting Segment on their behalf, and pass the phone to their child whilst staying present throughout the Contesting Segment).

ii. The Contestant will be brought to air and the Promoter will start the clock on a digital timer.

iii. The Contestant will be invited to say ‘stop’ when they believe the Promoter’s digital timer has hit exactly 5:00 seconds.

iv. If the Contestant says “Stop” when the Promoter’s timer is on exactly 5:00 seconds (as determined by the Promoter), they will be deemed the Major Prize winner and the Promotion will end.

v. If the Contestant fails to stop the timer on exactly 5:00 seconds (as determined by the Promoter), the Contestant will not win the Major Prize and the Major Prize will jackpot by $100. Major Prize jack-potting will continue until the Major Prize pool has been won, or until the Promotional Period is over, whichever occurs first.

If the Major Prize is not won by the end of the Promotional Period, the Major Prize will continue to jackpot until won.