Great Northern Original – Win 1 of 3 Quintrex Tinne & Trailer (prize valued at $7,290)

© Carlton& UnitedBreweries, 2018
Name First Choice & Liquorland Win aTinnie Promotion
Promoter CUB Pty Ltd (ABN 76 004 056 106),77 SouthbankBoulevard,Southbank,Vic3006. Phone:
1800 007 282.
Authorised underNSW PermitNo.LTPS/18/24228,ACTPermitNo.TP18/00835and SA
Eligibility To enter this competition,entrants mustbean Australian residentaged 18 or over.
Entries WILLNOTbeaccepted fromdirectors,officers,managementand employees (and
their immediatefamilies) of thePromoter or of theagenciesor companiesor participating
outlet(s) connected with thiscompetition.
Immediatefamiliesmeansany of thefollowing:spouse,ex-spouse,de-facto spouse,childor
step-child (whether natural or by adoption),parent,step-parent,grandparent,step-
grandparent,uncle,aunt,niece,nephew,brother,sister,step-brother,step-sisteror 1st
Relevant States This competitionwill run in all Australian states and territories.
Competition Period 9:00am(AEST) on 27/06/2018to 11:59pm(AEST) on 25/07/2018.
Outlets This competitionwill run in theRelevantStates in all FirstChoiceand Liquorland liquor
ParticipatingProducts 6,24 and 30 packsof GreatNorthern Original.
EntryProcess To enter, entrants must,duringtheCompetitionPeriod:
a) purchasea ParticipatingProduct(Eligible Purchase) froman Outletand keep the
b) then go to the Websiteand followthelinksto theentry form;and
c) fill outandsubmittheentry form.
Purchasesof ParticipatingProducts madeonlinewill NOTbeaccepted.
Entrants will receiveentriesbased on theEligiblePurchasethatthey make,as follows:
24 or 30 pack purchase = 4 entries
6 pack purchase = 1 entry
Number ofEntries
Entrants arelimited to submitting1 entry formper day.
As proof of purchase,entrantsmustretain theiroriginal itemised receipt.EFTPOS receiptswill
NOT beaccepted.ThePromoter may,atany timeduringor after theCompetition Period,
requestan entrantto providesufficientproofof purchaseto validateany or all of the
entrants’entries.Proof of purchasemustshowthattheEligiblePurchasewas madeduring
the Competition Period butpriorto entry.Sharingreceipts isstrictly NOTpermitted.If an
entrantfailsto provideunaltered proofof purchasethatisto thePromoter’s satisfaction and
in the timeframespecified by thePromoter,thePromoter may (in itsabsolutediscretion)
invalidateany or all of theentrants’entriesandthatentrantwill haveno entitlementto
receiveany prizeinthiscompetition.
© Carlton& UnitedBreweries, 2018
Winnersselected viaa
There will be3 winnersselected.
The winners will beselected viaa manual randomdrawat12:00pm(AEST) on 27/07/2018 at
PrimeFocus,Level 1,500 Chapel Street,South YarraVIC 3141.
The first3 valid entriesdrawn fromall entries received duringtheCompetition Period will
each win a prize.
Additional reserveentriesmay bedrawnand recorded (in order),intheeventthatan invalid
entry or ineligibleentrantisdrawn or theentrantisineligibleto accepttheprize. If an invalid
entry or ineligibleentrantisdrawn,theprizewill beawarded to thefirstreserveentry drawn.
This processwill continueuntil a clearwinner isdetermined.If after thisprocesstheprizestill
cannotbeawarded,theprizewill bedealtwith in theUnclaimed PrizeDraw.
Prize Details There arein total 3 prizesto bewon.
Each prizeisa GreatNorthernbranded Quintrex 370EExplorer tinnieand trailer,with 10HP
engine,valued atup to $7,290.Theprizedoes notincluderegistration,comprehensive
insuranceor anyaccessoriesnotspecified.
See Prize Conditionsfor furtherprize information and conditions.
Prize Conditions The winners mustcollecttheprizefromthedealershipasspecified by thePromoter.Delivery
of the tinnieand trailer to thenominated dealershipcouldtakeup to 150 days.
The winners are responsible for holding any necessary licences and complying with any
applicablelawsand regulationsto usethetinnieand trailer.
The winners must,priorto collectingtheprize,obtainregistration of thetinnieandtrailerat
their own cost.
Prize Pool The overall total prizepool isvalued atup to $21,870.
Notification Details The winners will becontacted by phoneandin writingwithin 2 businessdaysof thedraw.
Winner Publication The winners’namesandlocalitieswill bepublished on theWebsiteon 10/08/2018.
Prize Claim Date Prize/s mustbeclaimed by 5:00pm(AEDT) on 27/10/2018.
Unclaimed Prize Draw
If a prizehas notbeen claimed by thePrizeClaimDatetheprizewill bere-awarded by way of
an unclaimed prizedrawat12:00pm(AEDT) on 29/10/2018 atthesamelocation asthe
original draw.
Unclaimed Prize Draw
Winner Notification
Any winner/sin theUnclaimed PrizeDrawwill becontacted by phoneandin writingwithin2
businessdaysof thedraw.
Unclaimed Prize Draw
Winner Publication
Any winner/sin theUnclaimed PrizeDrawwill havetheir nameand locality published on the
Websiteon 12/11/2018.
© Carlton& UnitedBreweries, 2018
1 These Conditions integrate,and mustbe read together, withthe
Schedule(theConditionsofEntry). Instructions on howto enter and
information regarding prizes forms part oftheseConditions ofEntry.
Entry into this competitionconstitutes acceptanceoftheseConditions of
2 The Promoter’s decisions regarding all aspects ofthis competitionare
final and nocorrespondencewillbe enteredinto.
Treatment ofPersonal Information
3 The information entrants provide willbeused bythePromoterfor the
purpose ofconducting this competition. ThePromotermay collect
entrants’personalinformation(including throughits contractors or
agents) or disclose entrants’personalinformationto its related
companies, contractors and agents toassistin conducting this
competition, storing data or communicating with entrants. Those
disclosures may include disclosures toorganisations in locations suchas
as the USA, theUK, India andGermany. The Promoter is boundby the
Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Promoter’s Privacy
Policy, located at, contains
information about:
(i) how entrants can seek access tothepersonalinformationthe
Promoter holds aboutthem and seek the correction ofsuch
(ii) how entrants can complain about a privacy breachand how the
Promoter willdeal with such a complaint.
4 Ifan entrant has ticked the”opt-in”box ontheentry form, the entrant
consents tothestorageoftheirpersonalinformationon theColes
database andColes may usethis information for futurepromotionaland
marketing purposes regarding Coles’ products andservices including
contacting the entrantvia electronic messaging. Entrants should contact
Coles for theColes privacy policy.
Entry Process
5 Entries mustbe receivedduring theCompetition Period.Entries received
by the Promoterwill beconsideredfinal.Entries aredeemed to be
received atthetimethey are received by the Promoter’s database and
not at the timeofsubmissionby theentrant. Ifan entryis made based
on a returned EligiblePurchase(unless ifdueproduct defect) thatentry
will be rendered invalid.
6 Entrants must only enter intheirown name.Entrants whoenterusing
multipleemail/postal addresses, phonenumbers, social media accounts
or aliases maybe disqualified. The useofany automated entry software
or any other mechanicalor electronicmeans that allows an entrant to
automatically enter repeatedly is prohibitedand willrender allentries
submittedby that entrantinvalid.
7 The Promoter is notliablefor late, lost, incomplete, misdirected,
incorrectly submitteddelayed or illegibleentries, correspondenceor
claims for prizes dueto error, omission, tampering, theft, destructionor
otherwise including failureofentry forms being forwarded tothedraw
location (whereapplicable).
8 The prizes are as specifiedin the PrizeDetails andPrize Conditions
sections ofthe Scheduleand mustbe taken as offered and,ifapplicable,
on the date/s specified.
9 Prize values are the recommended retail price (or an estimated value
where a prize has no consumerpriceattributed) as provided by the prize
supplier, include GSTand areaccurateas at the timeofformulating
these Conditions ofEntry. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for
change in prizevalueafterthat date.
10 The Promoter accepts no responsibilityfor anytaximplications arising
from prize winnings.Entrants should seek their ownindependent
financial advice.
11 A prize willonly be awarded to an entrant oncetheentrant has been
validated and verifiedby thePromoter inaccordancewith these
Conditions ofEntry.
12 Prize/s not transferrableor exchangeable andcannot beredeemedfor
cash. Subject toany approval being required fromthegaming
authority/ies in the Relevant State/s wherea permithas been issuedfor
this competition, ifa prizeor elementofa prize becomes unavailablefor
any reason beyond thePromoter’s reasonable control, entrants agreeto
the Promoter awarding a comparable prizeor prize elementofequalor
greater valueas elected by thePromoter.
13 The Promoter and its associated agencies andcompanies arenotliable
for any damage,loss or delay intransit toprize/s, norfor anydamage
that may occur to prize/s displayed/heldat an Outlet.
Publication & Publicity
14 Where winner publicationis required, each entrant requests that his or
her full address notbepublished.
15 Ifrequested bythePromoter, entrants and the winner/s (and the
winner’s guest/s,ifapplicable) mustparticipateinall promotional
activity (for instancepublicity,filming andphotography) inrelation this
competition, free ofcharge andthey consent tothePromoterusing
their name/s, image/s and/or voice/s in promotionalmaterial inany
media for any length oftime without notification, remuneration or
16 The Promoter (or its nominated agent) reserves the right,atany time
during or after theCompetition Period, torequestentrants to produce
suitablephoto identification orother documentation (to the Promoter’s
satisfaction in its sole discretion) to verify the validityoftheir entry/ies
and to verify an entrant (including an entrant’s identity, age, placeof
residence, placeofemployment, eligibility to enter and eligibility to
claim a prize). Iftherequesteddocumentationis not provided inthe
timeframe required oranentranthas not beenvalidated orverified to
the Promoter’s satisfaction, then theentrant’s entry (and at the
Promoter’discretion alloftheentrants’ entries) willbe deemed invalid.
17 The Promoter reserves theright,in its sole discretion, todisqualify any
individualwhothePromoterhas reason tobelievehas:
a) submittedan entry whichis notin accordancewith these
Conditions ofEntry;
b) breached any oftheseConditions ofEntry;
c) tampered withor benefited fromtampering withtheentry/draw
process or the operation ofthecompetition;
d) engaged inanyunlawful,fraudulent, deceptiveor other improper
misconductintended tojeopardisethefairness and proper
conduct ofthecompetition and/or damagethe goodwillor
reputationofthePromoteror any ofits related bodies corporate
or the agencies or companies associatedwith this competition; or
e) acted in a disruptivemanner with the intentto annoy, abuse,
threaten or harass any other person.
Failure bythePromoterto enforce any ofits rights at any stagedoes not
constitutea waiver ofthoserights. ThePromoter reserves its legal rights
to recover damages or other compensation from such an offender.
18 The Promoter has no control over communications networks andis not
liablefor anyproblems associated with them dueto traffic congestion,
technicalmalfunction or otherwise. Costs associatedwith accessing the
Internet(e.g. websiteor social media platform) may varydepending on
the Internetserviceproviderused, and thosecosts are theresponsibility
ofthe entrant.The Promoter is notliablefor any consequences ofuser
error including (without limitation) costs incurred.
19 Except for any liability which cannotbe excluded by law(in whichcase
that liability is limitedto theminimumallowableby law), thePromoter
and its associated agencies and companies excludeallliability for any
loss, expense, damage, personal injury, illness or death(whether ornot
arising fromany person’s negligence) that mayoccur fromparticipating
in this competition oras a result ofaccepting or using any prize. For the
avoidanceofdoubt, this clausedoes not limit oraffect any waiver or
disclaimersigned or accepted byentrants as part ofthis competition.
20 These Conditions ofEntry do not exclude,restrict or modify any
statutory consumerrights under theAustralian ConsumerLaw and any
similar laws.However,to theextentpermitted bylaw to doso, the
© Carlton& UnitedBreweries, 2018
Promoter makes no representations or warranties,express orimplied,
other thantheAustralianConsumer Law,regarding thequalityand
suitability ofa prize awardedas partofthis competitionand willnot be
responsiblefor breachofany such implied terms.
21 Ifthis competitionis unable torun as planned dueto computervirus,
network/technical/communications failure, tampering or any cause
beyond thePromoter’s reasonable control, thePromoter may inits sole
discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition or
invalidateanyaffected entries, subject toanynecessary approvalfrom
the gaming authority/ies in the Relevant State/s wherepermits have
been issued.
22 The Promoter may run, communicateor advertisethis competition using
Facebook and/or Instagram. However, thecompetitionis in noway
sponsored, endorsedor administeredby, orassociatedwith, Facebook
or Instagram. Entrants areproviding theirinformationto thePromoter
and not to Facebook or Instagram. Each entrant completely releases
Facebook andInstagramfrom any andall liability.
23 The Promoter encouragesconsumersto enjoy alcoholresponsibly.
Legally agedconsumers areadvised toconsider the safe drinking levels
recommended intheNationalHealthandMedicalResearch Council
Australian Guidelines to ReduceHealthRisks from Drinking Alcohol. A
full version ofthese Guidelines is available at
0-alcohol.pdf. TheNSW Liquor Competition Guidelines andIntoxication
Guidelines areavailableat andcontinued
participationin this competitionis subjectto the Outlet’s liquorserving