G’Day Japan – Win 1 of 70 Ear Hair Tweezers OR Nose Hair Cutters

With extensive time and effort, we all know that grooming is everyone’s hidden routine. Despite the high volume of tips and suggestions, few want to share their grooming habit as this is often regarded as something to be embarrassed of. However, we have to admit we would like to avoid our noses and ears from sprouting hair without our notice. The worst scenario is that you might spend your whole day with long nose hair poking out or your ear hair too!

Finding the appropriate approach to getting rid of those pesky little hairs seems like an endless journey. However, Nikken Razor Co., Ltd. has proudly launched their ear and nose grooming tool in Australia to help us know that maintenance can be completed with less time and stress. We are all aware that Japanese products are well-renowned for their high-quality so feel rest assured that these products will meet your expectations.

Here’s your chance to try two of their easy to use signature products, ‘Ear Hair Tweezer’ and ‘Nose Hair Cutter’! Anyone undergoing a tedious and time-consuming grooming session will be granted the ultimate chance to transform your life by making this process easier. This will help you get into the habit of building a proper nose and ear hair maintenance process.

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The 70 lucky winners of this campaign will receive the ‘Ear Hair Tweezer’ or ‘Nose Hair Cutter’. Entries close on the 30th of November 2020.