eatSouthbank – Win Four Tickets to Popolo’s Nye Masquerade Dinner (prize valued at $600)

Brief Terms & Conditions

Your Chance To Win

Win four tickets to popolo’s nye masquerade dinner closes 5pm

We have teamed up with our friends at Popolo to give away 4 tickets (worth $600) to their Masquerade New Year’s Eve Dinner.

The competition finishes at 5:00pm on december 26th the promoter must receive all entries by 5:00pm on december 26th 2017

Late entries will not be accepted

Entries by 5:00pm on december 26th 2017

Entries will not be accepted

To be eligible to enter the competition you must subscribe to receive eat south bank and popolo’s enewsletters

Prize” means the major prize described in paragraph 11.
prizes) and their immediate families are not eligible to enter.
winner will enjoy a cocktail party (from 9pm-12.30am) filled with gourmet canapés, antipasto platters, classic Italian bites and beverages before the sky transforms in a spectacular array of fireworks.

How To Enter

To enter please visit

To enter.