DB Publicity Perth and Western Australia – Win Thepromotionthey Will Makethemselves

Australian Pacific Tours (APT)’15 Day Magnificent EuropeRiverCruise’ (the
Terms and Conditions
1. Entry
Information on howto enter thePromotionformspartof theterms andconditionsof entry.
Entry is open to all Australian residents aged 18 years and over who live in one of the following areas:
Northern NewSouth Wales,SouthernNSW,ACT,regional Victoria,regional Queenslandorregional Western
Australia(asdesignated by theRegional TVMarketingmap availableat www.regionaltvmarketing.com.au).
Certain persons deemed to have an association with the Promotion are ineligible to enter (see ‘Excluded
Entrants can enter thePromotion by:
Answering in 25wordsor less thequestion:”Which unforgettablesightwouldyou mostliketo
visitaspartof APT’s 15Day MagnificentEuropeRiverCruiseand why?”;and
Enteringtheir name,phonenumber,email address,postal address,suburb and postcode;
on the Promotion pageviaoneof thefollowingwebsites:www.prime7.com.au or
www.7qldprizepool.com.au orwww.gwn7.com.au (eacha ‘Website’).
Only one(1) entry per personwillbepermitted.
By enteringthePromotion,each entrantagreesthatif they win thePromotion,they will makethemselves
available to participate in reasonable promotional activities as requested by the Promoter, without any
paymentor other compensation.
2. Promotion dates
The Promotion commences and entries will be received from 12:00pm AEST on Monday 30th September
2019 and thePromotionconcludes at12:00pmAEDTon Monday 28th October 2019(‘PromotionalPeriod’).
The winner of the Promotion will bedetermined by thejudgeat2:00pmAEDT on Thursday7th
3. Prize
Thereis oneprize(‘Prize’) consistingof:
A luxury15 day,(14night) APTMagnificentEuropeRiverCruise (Cruise)(on an available
departuredateas determined by APTin conjunction withtheWinner in 2020) fortwo (2) adults
in a twin windowsuite,includingfood and beverageswhileon-board theCruise,valued atup to
$9,795 per person (up to $19,590);
Return economy airfares (onavailabledatesas determinedby APTin conjunctionwiththe
Winner to coincidewith thedatesof theCruise).TheWinner and their guestwill departtheir
nearestcapital city inAustralia(asdetermined by APT),fly into Amsterdamand departfrom
Budapest,valued atup to $2,000 per person (up to $4,000);and
Transfersto/fromAmsterdamand Budapestairportsand to/fromtheport wheretheCruise
The total prizepool isvalued atup to $23,590 (includingtaxes).
The Prize package value is the estimated recommended retail value as provided by the supplier, and is
correctattimeof publishing.ThePromoter isneitherresponsiblenor liablefor any changeinthevalueof a
The Prizemustberedeemed in full and asatotal packagefor two (2) adultsfor travel in2020on the
scheduled availabledeparturedatesonly asdetermined by APT.Scheduled availabledeparturesdateswill
be provided to thewinner atthetimeof winnernotification.In theevent,thatthewinner isunableto
redeemthe Prizeon any of theavailabledates stipulated by thePromoter and Prizesupplier(APT),and
the winner isunableto transferthePrizeto a nominated person,then thePrizewill beforfeited by the
winner andneithercash noranotherprizewill beawarded in lieuof theforfeited Prize.In theeventthat
the entirePrizeisforfeited by thewinner,thePromoter will award the Prizeto thenextbestvalidentry as
determined by thejudges.
The winner (andtheir companion)areresponsiblefor all other expensesincludingspendingmoney,meals
(unless specified), beverages (unless specified), transfers (unless specified), laundry charges, activities
(unless specified), incidentals, energy surcharges, gratuities, services charges, tours and activities,
passports,visas,travel insuranceand all other ancillary costs. Travel insuranceis theresponsibility of the
winner and their companion and is highlyrecommended to protectagainsttheadditional costsincurredin
the eventof unforeseen circumstances.
Unless expressly stated in theseterms and conditionsall other expenses (includingtravel to and fromthe
departurepoint) becometheresponsibility of thewinner.
Bookingwill bein accordancewith APT’sTerm& Conditionsaccessibleat
Entrants should beawarethatthecity they writeaboutin theirentry maynotnecessarily beincluded in
the itinerary of theCruise.
In addition,inorder to claimthePrize,thewinnermustprovidea certifiedcopyof theirsandtheir
travellingcompanion’spassportsshowingatleast6 months’validity by no later than9:59amAEDTon
Friday29th November 2019.Thewinner will notbeableto claimthePrizeif thisisnotprovided. Itisthe
responsibility of thePrizewinner and theircompanion to ensurethey havetherequired travel
documentationincludingbutnotlimited to passports(withsufficientvalidity fromdeparturedate) and
visas) to travel to thedestinationpointsand allcostsassociated with obtainingthisistheresponsibility of
the winner.
The Prizemustbetaken asstated and cannotbevaried.ThePrizeor any unused portion of thePrize:
is non-transferable;
is non-refundable;
is non-negotiable;
cannotbetaken or redeemed ascash;and
If the Prize or portion of the Prize is unavailable, for whatever reason, the Promoter reserves the right to
substitutethePrizefor a Prizeof equal or greater value.
The Promoter takes no responsibility forprizes thataredamaged,delayed or lostintransit.ThePromoter
is neither responsible nor liable for any loss or damage suffered associated with the Prize or in the event
thatthereareany changesto thePrize.
Date changes are not permitted once the booking has been finalised. Once the booking is confirmed and
ticketed, normal APT cancellation charges apply and will be the sole responsibility of the winner. Refer to
www.aptouring.com.au/conditions for full bookingconditions.
If unforeseen circumstancesbeyond thePromoter’sorAPT’scontrol requireachangein thePrize,departure
or any part of the tour, APT will provide the winner with an alternate holiday of equal value at APT’s
It is a condition of acceptingthe Prize that the winner may be requested to present their credit card upon
arrival attheCruisedeparturepointto cover all incidentalsthey may incur in connectionwith theirstay on
the Cruise.
The Promoter is neither responsible nor liable for any loss or damage suffered by the winner and/or the
winner’s travel companion in the event that the APT 15 Day Magnificent Europe Cruise is delayed,
postponed,cancelled,rescheduled or relocated foranyreason whatsoever.
As a conditionof acceptingthePrize,thewinner (and theircompanion) mustsign anylegal documentation
as and intheformrequired by thePromoter and/orprizesupplier intheirabsolutediscretion,includingbut
notlimited to a legal releaseandindemnity form.
4. Prize Selection:
Winnersare selectedusingthe followingmethod:
One(1) Prizewinner will beselected by a panel of judgesappointed by thePromoter.ThePrizewinnerwill
be the entry which fulfils the entry criteria and whose answer is judged to the most creative and original
from all entries received. This is a game of skill. There is no element of chance in the judgingof the
competition or determination of thewinner.
The judgingwill takeplaceat2:00pmAEDTon Thursday7th November 2019attheofficesof thePromoter
atSeven AffiliateSalesPty Limited ACN:058428158Level 8,401DocklandsDrive,Docklands,VIC 3008.
The Winner will be published on the Promoter’s Websites (Prime7.com.au, GWN7.com.au and
7qldprizepool.com.au)andnotified within 48hoursof beingselected viaphoneand email.
The Promoter’sdecisionisfinal and no correspondencewill beentered into.
5. Unclaimed Prizes
In the event that any of the following has not occurred by 10:00am AEDT on Friday 29th November 2019:
– the winner doesnotclaimthePrize;
– the winner isunableto becontacted for any reason;or
– the winner hasnotprovided any informationor documentation required by theseterms,
then thatwinner will forfeitthePrizeandneither cashnoranother Prizewill beawarded to thatwinner
in lieu of theforfeited Prizeor any componentof thePrize.
In the event that the winner forfeits the Prize, judging to award the forfeited Prize to a new winner will
occur at10:00amAEDTon Monday2nd December 2019 (‘Second Round Judging’).
Second Round Judgingwill takeplaceattheoffices of Seven AffiliateSalesLimited ACN058 428158Level
8, 401 Docklands Drive, Docklands, VIC 3008 in the same manner as described above. The winner of the
Second Round Judging will be announced on the Websites and notified immediately or as soon as
practicableafter determination by phoneand email.
6. Excluded Entrants
Employees,directorsand officersof thePromoter,a related body corporateof thePromoter or an agency
or entity associated with thePromotion areineligibleto enter the promotion.Immediatefamilymembers
of any employee,directoror officerdescribed abovearealsoineligibleto enter thePromotion.Immediate
family members for the purposes of this condition are spouses, de facto spouses, parents, natural or
adopted children and siblings(whether natural or adopted by a parent).
7. Ineligible Entries
The followingentriesareineligible:
entries by an Excluded Entrantdescribedaboveinclause6;
entries thataredeemed to beillegibleor incomprehensibleby thePromoter or areotherwiseunableto be
entries by a personwho failsto providetheinformation required by theseterms andconditionswithin the
required time-frame;
entries thataredeemed to beoffensiveor illegal by thePromoter;
entries notcompleted in accordancewiththeseterms and conditions;and
entries received after theend of thePromotional Period.
Any illegibleentrieswill bedisregarded and noteligibleto win thePrize.
8. Promoter’sLiability
To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Promoter, its related bodies corporate and each of their
officers, employees, directors and contractors are not liable for any injury, loss, damage, expense, tax
consequence, cost or claim whatsoever (including for any indirect or consequential loss) that arises in
connection with entry into thisPromotionor theclaimingof thePrize,includingwithoutlimitation:
in connection withthejudging;
in theparticipation inor useof thePrize;
as a resultof any changesto thePrize;
as a resultof late,lostor misdirected email,websitecommunication,mailor delivery;
dueto thebroadcastof any programrelatingto thePromotion orthepublication of any material,including
any statementsmadeby any compere,staff member,journalist,other entrantsor anyother person;
as a resultof anytechnical malfunction,trafficcongestion orthemalfunction of anytelephonenetwork or
linesor mobilecommunicationsnetwork;and
arisingfromanyactor omission,deliberateor negligent,by thePromoter,theirrelated bodiescorporateor
any of their officers,directors,employeesor contractorsin connectionwith thearrangementfor supply,or
the supply, of any goods or services by any person to the winner and, where applicable, to any persons
ThePromoter makesno expressrepresentationor warrantyasto thefitnessforpurpose,quality,suitability
and merchantability of any of the goods or services offered as Prizes. If liability under terms implied by
legislation cannotbeexcluded,theliability of thePromoter and itsrelated bodiescorporateislimited to re-
supplyingtherelevantgoodsor servicesor payingthecostof replacingthem.
By enteringthePromotion,and bycollectingthePrize,thewinner acknowledgesandacceptsthattravelling
and any other activities comprising the Prize, are inherently dangerous and may result in death, injury,
incapacity,damageto property or otherlosses.ThePromoterisnotresponsibleforanyactsof god,suchas
adverseweather conditionsor industrial action or civil commotion thatmay occurwhilstthePrizewinner
is travelling. It is the responsibility of the Prize winner to enquire about local issues and conditions at
destinationspriorto travel.
Compliancewith any health orother governmentrequirementsistheresponsibility of thePrizewinner and
guest. All travel will be subject to the carrier’s General Conditions of Carriage. The Promoter and carrier
make no representation as to the safety, conditions or other issues that may exist at any destination.
International travel advicecanbeobtained fromvarioussources,includinglocal government, local consular
offices and the web site of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at
9. Communicationand TechnicalFailures
The Promoter and its related bodies corporate accept no responsibility for problems associated with
telecommunications networks or services or the Internet or for any other technical malfunction, error,
omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission or unauthorised access or
tampering which may affect an entrant’s entry into the Promotion or the Promoter’s (or its agents’)
communicationwith anentrant.
10. ExternalIntervention
If for any reason thisPromotion isnotcapableof runningasplanned dueto factors,agentsorevents which
preventor significantly hinder thePromoter’sability to proceed with thePromotion on thedates andinthe
manner described in these terms and conditions, or which affect the administration, security, fairness,
integrity orproper conductof thisPromotion,thePromoterreservestherightinits solediscretion to cancel,
modify or suspendthePromotion,or to recommencethePromotion fromthestart.
11. Promoter’sDetails
The Promoter is Seven Affiliate Sales Pty Limited (ACN 058 428 158) of Level 8, 401 Docklands Drive,
Docklands,VIC 3008.
12. Advertisementofthe Promotion
The Promotion will bepromotedvia televisioncommercialsshown on Prime7,GWN7and 7QLD and7mate
and 7two and viaonlinedisplay unitadvertising.
13. Facebook
The Promoter may communicateor advertisethisPromotion usingFacebook. However,thePromotion is
in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Entrants are providing
their information to thePromoter and notto Facebook. Each entrantcompletely releasesFacebook from
any and all liability.
14. Opt-in to receivepromotionalmaterialfrom thePromoter
Participants enteringthe Promotion may, at their option, opt in to receive promotional material from the
Promoter, its related bodies corporate and Australian Pacific Touring Pty Ltd ABN 44 0040684 619 and its
related bodiescorporate(APT).
By opting in to receive promotional material, entrants expressly consent to the Promoter and its related
bodies corporateandAPTcollecting,usingand disclosingtheirpersonal information for theirpromotional
activities.All collection,use,storageanddisclosureof personal information will bein accordancewith the
Australian Privacy Principles and the Prime Media Group (PMG) Privacy Policy available at
www.primemedia.com.au and APT’s Privacy Policy available at
15. Collection of personalinformation and privacy
By enteringthePromotion,entrantsconsentto thecollection,storageanduseof their personal information
by the Promoter and its related bodies corporatein accordancewith theAustralian Privacy Principles,the
Prime Media Group Privacy Policy accessible at www.primemedia.com.au, and APT’s Privacy Policy
The Promoter andthePromoter’srelated bodiescorporatecollect,storeandusethepersonalinformation
providedby entrantsfor thepurposesof legitimateprocessesinconnection with theadministrationof this
In accordance with the express consent provided as part of entering the Promotion, entrants’ personal
informationwill bedisclosed to APTfor their usein their promotional activities.
The Promoter and its related bodies corporate may also use the personal information collected from
entrants for futurepromotional purposes.
Personal informationprovidedby entrantsmay also bedisclosed:
to thePromoter’s contractorsandagentsin connection with theconductof thePromotion;
to third party suppliers where necessary or appropriate, for example for the purposes of secure offsite
databasestorageof information;or
otherwiseby thePromoter anditsrelated bodiescorporatein accordancewiththePMGPrivacy Policy.
Third partiesto whompersonal information isdisclosed may bebased overseas.
Entrants have the right to access their personal information as collected and stored by the Promoter, the
Promoter’s related bodiescorporateand APTatany time,and to requestthecorrection ofsuch information.
If you haveany queriesor wish to contactus inrelation to your privacyor thecollectionor storageof your
personal information,pleasecontactourprivacyofficerat privacyofficer@primemedia.com.au.