Ch 7 News Sydney – Win a Chance to Name a Crocodile and a Family Pass to Sydney Zoo

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7News&SydneyZoo CrocNamingCompetition
Termsand Conditions
By entering the”7News&SydneyZoo CrocNaming Competition”(“Competition”),you areagreeingto thefollowing
terms and conditions:
1.1 Information on howto enter forms partof theterms of entry.
2.1 Subjectto clause2.2,entry isopen to all residentsof Sydney wheretheChannel Seven signal anditsaffiliated
network’s signalsarereceived.Entrantsunder theageof 18 musthaveparental supervision.
2.2 Employees and theirimmediatefamiliesof theSeven Network (Operations) Limited (“Promoter”),and their
associated agenciesandcompaniesarenoteligibleto enter.
3.1 COMPETITION PERIOD:The Competition commenceson Friday14February2020 at 18:00 andconcludes on
February2020at 19:00(“Competition Period”).
3.2 For entry details,viewers mustgo to
3.3 Entrants can enter onceper email address in thecompetition.
3.4 COMPETITION ENTRY: In order to enter the Competition, entrants must go to outtheir personaldetails,aswell as answer what they woul d
“namethe croc”.Thisisa gameof skill anda winnerisselected.
3.5 Entries deemed to be made at the Promoter’s sole discretion, via the internet, computer generation or
“scripting”areinvalid andwill notbeaccepted.
3.6 Entries mustbereceivedby thedateand timesstated inclause3.1.
3.7 Entries mustbeuniqueand:
a) The original independentcreation of theentrant;and
b) Freefromany claims,includingcopyrightor trademark claims,by other parties.
3.8 Entry detailsremaintheproperty of thePromoter and will notbereturned to theentrant.Entrantsagree to
grantthePromoter a perpetual andnon-exclusivelicenseto use,distribute,broadcastandsub-license their
entries in all mediaworldwideandacknowledgethatthey will notbeentitled to anyfeefor suchuse.
4.1 Therewill beone (1) winnerin total entrants,havingregard to skill,creativityandoriginality, who will win the
prizepackagedetailed in clause4.2.
The prizewinner will namethecrocodile,receivezoo entry fortheirfamilyandmeetthecrocodile and the
crocodilekeeper.Valueof zoo entry FamilyPassis$99.00 AUD.All other prizingis “money can’tbuy”with no
monetary value.
4.3 In acceptingtheprize,thewinnerwill beinvited to participatein and co-operatewith all reasonablemedia
editorial requests,includingbutnotlimited to,beinginterviewed and photographed,and thewinnersgrant
the Promoter a perpetual and non-exclusivelicenceto usesuchfootageandphotographsinall media
worldwideand thewinner willnotbeentitled to anyfeefor suchuse.
4.4 Prizewinnersagreethey will notsell or otherwiseprovide theirstory and/or photographs to any media or
other organisation.
4.5 Itis a condition of acceptingtheprizethatthewinners mustcomplywith all theconditionsof useof theprize
and thePromoter’s requirements.
4.6 Prizewinners mustprovidevalid identificationto thePromoter.
4.7 The Promoter may requireprizewinners to sign awaiverof liability and indemnity in theformdeterminedby
the Promoter in itsabsolutediscretion.
4.8 Independentfinancial adviceshouldbesoughtastax implications mayariseasa resultof acceptingtheprize.
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4.9 The promoter may varytheseterms and conditionsatitsdiscretion,subjectto stategovernmentlegislation.
4.10 Full detailsof prizescan beobtained by telephone theSeven Network in Sydney 02 87777777.
5.1 Therewill beone (1) prizewinner selected fromtheonlineentrants who will wintheprizepackagedetailed
in clause4.2.
5.2 Each entrantwho hasentered theCompetitioninaccordancewith theseterms and conditions during the
CompetitionPeriodandregistered anentry usingmethodsdetailed in clause 3 required by the date and
times detailedin clause3.1 and answered,”Whatwould you namethecroc?”(“QualifyingEntrant”) wi ll be
entered the prizedraw. Entries thatdo notcomplywith any of theterms andconditions, may be deemed
invalid and a further prize draw will be conducted in its place. The prize draw will take place by the
MarketingTeamatSeven WestMediaLtd,8 Central Avenue,Eveleigh,NSW2015 on thedatesstipulated i n
5.3 The prizewinner will becontacted fromthemarketingdepartmentwithintwo workingdaysof theselection.
5.4 The Promoter may initsabsolutediscretion deementriesinvalid subsequently to a winnerbeingnotified or a
winner’s name being announced if it is discovered that the winner did not enter the Competition in
accordancewith theseterms and conditions.Inthesecircumstances,no additionaldrawwillbeconducted.
Subjectto stategovernmentlegislation,andif required,an unclaimed prizedrawwill takeplaceon Monday
24 February2020at 18:00atSeven WestMediaLtd,8 Central Avenue,Eveleigh,NSW 2015.
5.5 The Promoter’s decisionis final,and thePromoter willnotenter into correspondenceregardingtheresult.
5.6 Itis a condition of acceptingtheprizethatthewinner mayberequired to signa legal releasein aform
determined by thePromoter initsabsolutediscretion.
6.1 In thecaseof theinterventionof any outsideact,agentor eventwhich preventsor significantlyhi nders the
Promoter’s ability to proceed with theCompetitionon anyof thedates detailed i n clause 3.1 and in the
manner described intheseterms and conditions,includingbutnotlimited to breaking news and current
affairs,vandalism,power failures,tempests,natural disasters,actsof God,civil unrest, strike, war, act of
terrorism,thePromotermay in itsabsolutediscretion cancel theCompetition and recommence i t from the
starton thesameconditions,subjectto stategovernmentlegislation.
6.2 Seven Network (Operations) Limited,and theirassociated agenciesand companies will takeno responsibility
for prizes damagedor lostin transit,or late,lostor misdirected mail.
6.3 Seven Network (Operations) Limited,and theirassociated agenciesand companieswill notbeliable for any
misadventure,accident,injury,loss(including butnotlimitedto consequential loss) or claimthatmay occur:
a) whilstundertakingany travel won on orconnected with theirentry into theCompetition;or
b) in theacceptanceor participationinanyprize;
c) as a consequenceof late,lostor misdirected mail;
d) dueto the broadcastof anyprogramrelatingto theCompetitionor thepublicationof any material,
includingany statementsmadeby any compere,staff member,journalist, other entrants or any
other person.
e) in relation to failure of an SMS entry message to be received by the Promoter on account of
technical problemsortraffic congestion;or
f) in relation to any damageor lossto Entrant’sor any otherperson’scomputer software, computer
equipmentor internetconnectionresultingfromor related to participationinthisPromotion;
g) any variationinPrizevalueto thatstated in theseTerms and Conditions;
h) any technical difficulties,technical erroror equipmentmalfunction (whether or not under the
Promoter’s control);or any error,omission,interruption, deletion,delay,defect,theft,unauthorised
accessorthird-party interference.
6.4 Seven Network (Operations) Limited assumesno responsibility for any error,omission,interruption,deletion,
defect,delay in operation ortransmission,communicationslinefailure,theftor destruction orunauthorized
accessto,or alteration of entries,andreservestherightto takeany actionthatmaybeavailable,subject to
6.5 If for any reason theCompetition isnotcapableof runningasplanned, due to causes i ncluding but not
limited to tampering,unauthorized intervention,fraud,technical failuresoranyother causes beyond the
control of thePromoter whichcorruptor affecttheadministration security,fairness, i ntegrity or proper
conductof theCompetition,thePromoter reservestherightinits solediscretionto disqualify any individual
who tampers withtheentry process,takeany actionthatmaybeavailable,and to cancel,terminate,modify
or suspend theCompetition,subject to stategovernmentlegislation.
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7.1 PROMOTER:Seven Network (Operations) Limited (ABN65 052845262)of 8 Central Avenue,Evel eigh NSW
7.2 PRIVACY POLICY:Entry detailsremain theproperty of thePromoter. Seven Network (Operations) Li mited
(ABN 65 052 845262) and itsrelated entities(“Seven”),iscollecting you r personal information for the
purposeof conductingandpromotingthisCompetition,includingfor thepurposeof identifyingandnotifying
winners and understanding our audiences. Seven will otherwise handle your personal information in
accordance with Seven’s Privacy Policy which is available on our website at (and which containsinformation regarding how you
can accessyourpersonal information,correctitand/ or make a complaint about our handling of your
personal information). By providingyourpersonal informationbelow,you agreeto theterms of the Pri vacy
Policy. Withoutlimitingtheforegoing,Seven may disclosetheentrant’spersonal information to i ts related
entities,businesspartnersandexternal serviceprovidersfor researchandprofilingpurposesaswell asother
purposes reasonably related to the entrant’s relationship with Seven. In addition, by entering this
competition,you consentto Seven usingyourpersonal informationfor thepurposeof Seven and its rel ated
entities sendingyou informationregardingprograms,productsandservicesavailablethrough them and/ or
through their businesspartners,and to Seven fromtimeto timesharingyour personal i nformation wi th
carefully selected businesspartnersfor thepurposeof themsendingyousuchinformation directly. We wi ll
alwaysprovideyou with theability to optoutof