Carlton Draught Grand Final Front Bar Tickets – Win Your Place Inside The ‘g’

© Carlton & United Breweries, 2017
Name Win Tickets to Carlton Draught Grand Final Front Bar Promotion
Promoter CUB Pty Ltd (ABN 76 004 056 106), 77 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank, Vic 3006.
Eligibility To enter this competition, entrants must be an Australian resident aged 18 or over and who are
able to take the prize on 30/09/17.
Entries WILL NOT be accepted from directors, officers, management and employees (and their
immediate families) of the Promoter or of the agencies or companies or participating venue(s)
connected with this competition.
Immediate families means any of the following: spouse, ex-spouse, de-facto spouse, child or
step-child (whether natural or by adoption), parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-
grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister or 1st cousin.
Competition Periods 12.00pm (AEST) on 06/09/2017 to 11.59pm (AEST) on 22/09/2017.
Entry Process To enter, entrants must, during a Competition Period:
a) visit and follow the links to the entry form;
b) fully complete the entry form, including by answering a question using 25 words or less to
be considered for entries into the Competition Period.
Number of Entries Allowed Multiple entries are permitted, however each entry must be based on a separate and different
25 words or less answer and must be submitted separately in line with the Entry Process
section of the Schedule.
Winner Selection This is a game of skill; chance plays no part in how a winner is determined in this competition.
At the end of each Competition Period, all entries will be reviewed and judged by the Promoter
(or by an appointed panel of judges) based on selected criteria such as creative merit,
originality, humour and brand suitability.
For each Competition Period, the entries judged to be the best will each win a prize.
Prize Details Each prize is tickets for the winner and 2 adults to attend the Carlton Draught Front bar on
Grand Final Day (30/09/17) pre-match, located outside the MCG.
The prize does NOT include travel or accommodation.
See Prize Conditions for further information and conditions.
Prize Conditions The prize must be taken on the date/s time/s and location/s as advised by the Promoter or
stated on the tickets. The winners and their guests must make their own way to and from the
relevant event location at their own costs.
The prize is subject to any additional conditions specified by the Promoter and/or prize
supplier(s) including any conditions of entry into the relevant event location/s (e.g. behaviour
requirements and applicable dress codes), any conditions of ticket validity and any restrictions
on ticket on-sale or transfer. If a winner or their guest fails to comply with the conditions
imposed by the prize supplier/s, the prize may in the Promoter’s sole discretion be cancelled or
withdrawn without liability for the Promoter or the prize supplier/s. Tickets can only be used
once and will be deemed invalid if copied. The Promoter does not control entry to the relevant
match/event location. The winner/s must keep their tickets safe and the Promoter will not
© Carlton & United Breweries, 2017
replace lost or stolen tickets.
Notification Details The winners will be contacted by email.
Prize Claim Date Prizes must be claimed by 5.00pm (AEST) on 25/09/2017.
If the Promoter is unable to contact a winner (and/or a winner does not contact the Promoter)
by the Prize Claim Date, the Promoter will discard that entry and either award the prize to the
next best valid entry, or in its absolute discretion, withdraw the prize un-awarded.

© Carlton & United Breweries, 2017
1 These Conditions integrate, and must be read together, with the
Schedule (the Conditions of Entry). Instructions on how to enter and
information regarding prizes forms part of these Conditions of Entry.
Entry into this competition constitutes acceptance of these Conditions of
2 The Promoter’s decisions regarding all aspects of this competition are
final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Treatment of Personal Information
3 All entries and any copyright subsisting in an entry will be the property
of the Promoter. The information entrants provide to enter will be used
by the Promoter for the purpose of conducting this competition. The
information entrants’ guest/s provide will be used by the Promoter for
the purpose of fulfilling the prize and otherwise running this
competition. The Promoter may collect entrants’ or their guest/s’
personal information (including through its contractors or agents) or
disclose entrants’ or their guest/s’ personal information to its related
companies, contractors and agents to assist in conducting this
competition, storing data or communicating with entrants or their
guest/s. Those disclosures may include disclosures to organisations in
locations such as the USA, the UK, India and Germany. By entering this
competition, entrants’ consent to their personal information being
stored on the Promoter’s database and the Promoter may use this
information to contact the entrant with special offers, news and
information about its products, including contacting the entrant via
electronic messaging. By entering this competition, entrants consent to
receiving SMS or email messages from the Promoter that do not contain
any functional unsubscribe facility. The Promoter is bound by the Privacy
Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Promoter’s Privacy Policy,
located at, contains information
(i) how entrants or their guest/s can seek access to the personal
information the Promoter holds about them and seek the
correction of such information; and
(ii) how entrants or their guest/s can complain about a privacy
breach and how the Promoter will deal with such a complaint.

Entry Process
4 Entries must be received during the relevant Competition Period. Entries
received by the Promoter will be considered final. Entries are deemed to
be received at the time they are received by the Promoter’s database
and not at the time of submission by the entrant.
5 Entrants must only enter in their own name. Entrants who enter using
multiple email/postal addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts
or aliases may be disqualified. The use of any automated entry software
or any other mechanical or electronic means that allows an entrant to
automatically enter repeatedly is prohibited and will render all entries
submitted by that entrant invalid.
6 All entries submitted must be the entrant’s original work. The Promoter
has the right at any time to verify (or require an entrant to verify) that
the entry is the entrant’s original work. If in the Promoter’s opinion the
entrant’s work has not been verified as their original work, the Promoter
will deem that entry invalid.
7 All entries and any subsisting copyright become the property of the
Promoter and will not be returned to entrants. By submitting an entry,
a) agree to assign all rights in the entry to the Promoter and consent to
the Promoter using the entry in any way and for any purpose as
determined by the Promoter (including editing, adapting, altering
the entry or publishing the entry in part or whole) in any media; and
b) undertake to the Promoter that their entry is not, and its use by the
Promoter will not be, in breach of any third party intellectual
property rights.

8 The Promoter may (but is not obliged to) determine at any time, in its
absolute discretion, whether or not to publish any entries online in any
media, remove any entries once published online, or amend, edit or
modify any entries (or any part thereof), or disqualify or invalidate any
entry including (without limitation) if the Promoter is of the view that:

a) the entry does not comply with paragraph 7; or
b) the entry otherwise breaches these Conditions of Entry.
The Promoter will have no liability to entrants if it exercises this right.

9 The Promoter is not liable for late, lost, incomplete, misdirected,
incorrectly submitted delayed or illegible entries, correspondence or
claims for prizes due to error, omission, tampering, theft, destruction or
Prize/s Awarded
10 The prizes are as specified in the Prize Details and Prize Conditions
sections of the Schedule and must be taken as offered and, if applicable,
on the date/s specified.
11 Prize values are the recommended retail price (or an estimated value
where a prize has no consumer price attributed) as provided by the prize
supplier, include GST and are accurate as at the time of formulating
these Conditions of Entry. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for
change in prize value after that date.
12 The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any tax implications arising
from prize winnings. Entrants should seek their own independent
financial advice.
13 A prize will only be awarded to an entrant once the entrant has been
validated and verified by the Promoter in accordance with these
Conditions of Entry.
14 Prize/s not transferrable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for
cash. Prize/s must be taken by the winner/s (and their guest/s, where
applicable) at the time stipulated by the Promoter. Failure to do so will
result in the prize/s being forfeited and no cash or other compensation
will be provided. If a prize or element of a prize becomes unavailable for
any reason beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control, the Promoter will
award a comparable prize or prize element of equal or greater value as
elected by the Promoter.
15 Where alcohol is available as part of a prize, it will be served in line with
the responsible service of alcohol guidelines carried out by the venue
staff and management. The Promoter is not responsible for how a
venue conducts and executes its responsible service of alcohol
guidelines. Venue staff and management reserve the right to refuse
service of alcohol to any prize winner/s or their accompanying guest/s if
they are deemed to be inebriated.
16 The Promoter and its associated agencies and companies are not liable
for any damage, loss or delay in transit to prize/s.
17 If requested by the Promoter, the winner/s (and their guest/s, where
applicable) may be required to sign an indemnity and release in favour
of the Promoter and/or the prize supplier prior to taking the prize. If a
winner or their guest do not sign the required form/s provided by the
Promoter within the timeframe specified, the winner will be deemed
18 As a condition of accepting or participating in any prize a winner’s
guest/s accepts these Conditions of Entry.
19 The Promoter may in its sole discretion appoint a chaperone to
accompany the winner/s and their guest/s taking the prize. The winner/s
and their guest/s agree to the chaperone being present for the duration
of the trip/event and agree to comply with all reasonable directions or
guidelines specified by the Promoter and/or their chaperone.
20 As a condition of accepting the prize, a winner is required to behave
appropriately (to the Promoter’s satisfaction) at all times while taking
the prize. A winner is fully responsible for the behaviour and conduct of
their guest/s at all times while taking the prize. If in the Promoter’s
opinion a winner or the winner’s guest/s behaves in a way that is
contrary to law, behaves inappropriately, aggressively or offensively, or
behaves in a way which may damage the reputation of the Promoter or
any of its related bodies corporate or the agencies or companies
affiliated with this competition, the Promoter may in its absolute
discretion cancel or withdraw the prize and will offer no substitute prize
or compensation.
© Carlton & United Breweries, 2017
21 If the match/event awarded as part of the prize is cancelled, abandoned,
called off or postponed for any reason, that part of the prize will be
forfeited, and no cash or replacement prize will be offered.
Publication & Publicity
22 Where winners’ details are published, each entrant requests that his or
her full address not be published.
23 If requested by the Promoter, entrants and the winner/s (and the
winner’s guest/s, if applicable) must participate in all promotional
activity (for instance publicity, filming and photography) in relation this
competition, free of charge and they consent to the Promoter using
their name/s, image/s and/or voice/s in promotional material in any
media for any length of time without notification, remuneration or
24 The Promoter (or its nominated agent) reserves the right, at any time
during or after the Competition Period, to request entrants to produce
suitable photo identification or other documentation (to the Promoter’s
satisfaction in its sole discretion) to verify the validity of their entry/ies
and to verify an entrant (including an entrant’s identity, age, place of
residence, place of employment, eligibility to enter and eligibility to
claim a prize). If the requested documentation is not provided in the
timeframe required or an entrant has not been validated or verified to
the Promoter’s satisfaction, then the entrant’s entry (and at the
Promoter’ discretion all of the entrants’ entries) will be deemed invalid.
25 The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any
individual who the Promoter has reason to believe has:
a) submitted an entry which is not in accordance with these
Conditions of Entry;
b) breached any of these Conditions of Entry;
c) tampered with or benefited from tampering with the entry
process or the operation of the competition;
d) engaged in any unlawful, fraudulent, deceptive or other improper
misconduct intended to jeopardise the fairness and proper
conduct of the competition and/or damage the goodwill or
reputation of the Promoter or any of its related bodies corporate
or the agencies or companies associated with this competition; or
e) acted in a disruptive manner with the intent to annoy, abuse,
threaten or harass any other person.
Failure by the Promoter to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not
constitute a waiver of those rights. The Promoter reserves its legal rights
to recover damages or other compensation from such an offender.
26 The Promoter has no control over communications networks and is not
liable for any problems associated with them due to traffic congestion,
technical malfunction or otherwise. Costs associated with accessing the
Internet (e.g. website or social media platform) may vary depending on
the Internet service provider used, and those costs are the responsibility
of the entrant. The Promoter is not liable for any consequences of user
error including (without limitation) costs incurred.
27 Except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (in which case
that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law), the Promoter
and its associated agencies and companies exclude all liability for any
loss, expense, damage, personal injury, illness or death (whether or not
arising from any person’s negligence) that may occur from participating
in this competition or as a result of accepting or using any prize. For the
avoidance of doubt, this clause does not limit or affect any waiver or
disclaimer signed or accepted by entrants as part of this competition.
28 These Conditions of Entry do not exclude, restrict or modify any
statutory consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law and any
similar laws. However, to the extent permitted by law to do so, the
Promoter makes no representations or warranties, express or implied,
other than the Australian Consumer Law, regarding the quality and
suitability of a prize awarded as part of this competition and will not be
responsible for breach of any such implied terms.
29 If this competition is unable to run as planned due to computer virus,
network/technical/communications failure, tampering or any cause
beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control, the Promoter may in its sole
discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition or
invalidate any affected entries.
30 The Promoter may run, communicate or advertise this competition using
Facebook and/or Instagram. However, the competition is in no way
sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
or Instagram. Entrants are providing their information to the Promoter
and not to Facebook or Instagram. Each entrant completely releases
Facebook and Instagram from any and all liability.
31 The Promoter encourages consumers to enjoy alcohol responsibly.
Legally aged consumers are advised to consider the safe drinking levels
recommended in the National Health and Medical Research Council
Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol. A
full version of these Guidelines is available at