ARN – Win a Brand-New Toyota Hilux Or Hiace From The Toyota Workhorse Range (prize valued at $72,000)

Competition Terms and Conditions Schedule
Game of chance
1: Name of Promotion Toyota WorkHorse Workforce
2: Promoter Name & ABN Australian Radio Network Pty Ltd ABN 95 065 986 987
3: Stations KIIS 101.1
KIIS 106.5
MIX 102.3
4: Websites
5: State or Territory NSW
6: Competition Entry Period start
Date & Time
5.30am AEST on Monday 19th
August 2019
7. Competition Entry Period close
Date & Time
11.59pm AEST on Sunday 27th
October 2019
8. Entry Restrictions
a) Entrants must be 18 years of age or over at the time of entry.
b) Entrants must be an Australian resident and have a
registered address in either New South Wales, Queensland,
South Australia, Victoria or Western Australia.
Permit No:
NSW Permit No. LTPS/19/36734
SA Licence No. T19/1271
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c) Entrants must be a tradesperson working at a registered
Australian business.
d) Entrants must be the holder of a current Australian driver’s
e) Entrants must be able to collect the prize from the Station or
car dealership as specified by the Promoter.
f) Failure to claim and utilise the business consultation part of
the minor prize at the time determined by the promoter will
result in the winner forfeiting their entry into the major prize
9. How to enter
During the Competition Period:
(a) listeners will be invited via Station on-air commercials to visit
the dedicated Website and complete the online entry form
including by;
providing their contact details – full name, business
name, contact number and email address;
selecting a Toyota WorkHorse Workforce
consultation that would benefit their business; and
by stating in 50 words or less, how their selected
consultation would be able to help them’.
– By completing the online entry form and
providing the 50 words or less submission,
entrants acknowledge that their submissions
may be shared with Toyota.
(b) each entry submitted by the time specified by the Station will
be individually reviewed by representatives of the Station.
The Station will select the entries it deems to be the “best”
from all valid entries received within the time period
(c) the entrants of the four (4) responses deemed to be the
“best” by the Station will be deemed as minor prize winners.
(d) At this time, minor prize winners may be required to provide
documentation to prove their place of employment.
(e) Minor prize winners will then participate in a business
consultation with an expert as per their selection on the
online entry form. (Parts of the business consultations will be
filmed, and the content may be posted to our Station
channels across on-air and online platforms).
(f) Once the business expert consultations have taken place, the
eligible minor prize winners will be placed into a random
electronic prize draw.
(g) The Promoter will select one (1) entry and that entrant will
be deemed the major winner and receive a vehicle from the
Toyota WorkHorse Range and $10,000 cash.
10. Limitation on entries Entrants may submit as many entries as they wish, however each
entry must be submitted via a separate online entry form and
contain a different answer to the specified question.
Entrants may only win one minor prize each.
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11. Challenge Details N/A
12: Judging Criteria
Each valid Entry will be individually judged by representatives of the
Promoter based on, among other things, their creativity, suitability for
online video content and appeal of their workplace.
13. Draw Details
Four (4) minor prize winners will be judged between Monday 28th
October and Friday 20th
December 2019. The minor prize winners will
then be placed into a random electronic prize draw for a major prize.
One (1) major draw will be conducted, as follows:
Major Draw: 2.00pm local time on Monday 24th
February 2020
at Australian Radio Network: Level 2, 21-31 Goodwood Street,
Richmond VIC 3121.
14: Prize Details Minor Prizes:
There are up to four (4) minor prizes to be won, as follows:
AUD $1,000.00 cash
A minimum 60-minute consultation with a business expert
Each minor prize valued up to AUD $3000.00 (inc GST).
One (1) of the minor prize winners will be drawn randomly as the
winner of the major prize also.
Major prize:
There is up to one (1) major prize to be won, as follows:
AUD $10,000.00 cash
A vehicle of their choice from the Toyota WorkHorse range; a
HiLux WorkMate, a HiLux SR or a HiAce Crew Van, up to the
value of AUD $50,000.00. Any additional costs over the
$50,000.00 will be at the expense of the major prize winner
Major prize valued at up to $60,000.00 (inc GST).
15: Total Prize Value Up to AUD $72,000.00 inc GST
16: Winner Notification
All prize winners will be notified:
– via email
– via telephone
Winners of prizes over $251 will be published on the Station Website
by Wednesday 26th
February 2020.
17: Prize Claim and Delivery Minor prizes must be accepted, verbally or in writing by 5.00pm
AEDST on Friday 22nd
November 2019.
Minor Prizes:
– The business consultations will be facilitated by Australian
Radio Network between the winner and a business expert
from their selected area of expertise, at a time that is
determined by the promoter.
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
– The $1000.00 will be transferred to the winner’s nominated
bank account via electronic funds transfer OR The prize will
be awarded to the winner in the form of a cheque.
– Failure to claim and utilise the business consultation part of
the minor prize at the time determined by the promoter will
result in the winner forfeiting their entry into the major prize
Major Prize:
– The Toyota vehicle will be awarded to the major prize winner
by representatives of the promoter.
– The major prize will be available for collection from the
Station and/or dealership closest to the winner’s residence as
specified by the Promoter in their sole and absolute
discretion. The Station will contact the winner to arrange
prize collection.
– The $10,000.00 will be transferred to the winner’s nominated
bank account via electronic funds transfer OR The prize will
be awarded to the winner in the form of a cheque.
18. Major Prize Claim Date and Time
& Unclaimed Prize Draw
The major prize must be claimed by 5.00pm AEDST on Friday 20th
March 2020.
In the instance that the major prize is not claimed by this date, they
will forfeit the Prize and another Winner will be drawn via a random
prize draw with the remaining minor prize winner names. The
unclaimed prize draw will be conducted on Tuesday 26th
May 2020 at
2.00pm AEDST.
The Promoter will contact the Winner with the contact details the
Winner registered with on the online Entry Form to arrange set-up of
the Prize.
19. Special conditions a) Prizes awarded are subject to availability and are at the
complete discretion of the Promoter.
b) Should any elements of the prize be changed, moved,
cancelled or not available for any unforeseen reason, the
Promoter takes no responsibility and the Prize Winners will
not be compensated.
c) Contestants indemnify ARN against any claim, action,
proceeding, loss or expense arising out of any liability for
claims by a third party, or any claims they may have, caused
by or in connection with their participation in the
Competition. The Promoter has no ongoing liability to the
entrant or their nominated person, for any reason
d) Throughout the duration of the Promotion, a representative
from the Australian Radio Network may contact some of the
registered Entrants to discuss their business and their
business expert consultation selection. This is not an
indication of a Win. The Winner will be notified at the
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
conclusion of the Promotion – from Monday 28th
e) The Promoter reserves the right to amend the Contesting
Period at its absolute discretion; the Promoter reserves the
right to terminate the Competition subject to any direction
from a regulatory authority.
f) Prizes cannot be refunded, transferred, exchanged or
redeemed for cash.
g) The Prize Sponsor is Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
Limited (Toyota); ABN 64 009 686 097 of 155 Bertie Street,
Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207.
h) Entrants must be willing to be filmed while meeting with the
free business consultant and acknowledge that this footage
may be used for marketing purposes by ARN or Toyota.
Entrants must be willing to sign an indemnity waiver to
acknowledge this, and entrants who are unwilling to have
parts of this meeting filmed will forfeit their entry.
i) By entering this competition, Entrants grant to the Promoter
and Toyota, a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free licence to
their name, image, voice, likeness, biographic information or
any other material that identifies them, including any
photographic, visual or sound recordings of the same
(collectively, Recordings), for the purposes of conducting the
competition and for marketing and promotional purposes.
This licence includes any social media material published in
connection with the Competition.
j) If you opt in to receive more information from Toyota, you
consent to us sharing your personal information with Toyota.
Toyota may use your personal information for the purpose of
sending you information regarding its products and services,
and will otherwise handle your personal information in
accordance with its Privacy Policy available at The handling of personal information
by ARN will be in accordance with its privacy policy at
k) The major prize Winner will have the opportunity to choose a
vehicle from the Toyota WorkHorse Range to suit their
business needs, up to the value of AUD $50,000.00 (including
GST). The specific vehicle make and model, transmission,
selected inclusions and added extras, such as; on-road costs,
registration, CTP (third party insurance) and stamp duty
(government tax), will be at the discretion of the winner,
however the major prize Winner is responsible for all
expenses that exceed the AUD $50,000.00 prize.
l) Vehicle insurance is the responsibly of the prize winner.
m) The Promoter’s decision is final and no further
correspondence will be entered into.
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
The Australian Radio Network General Terms and Conditions as published on the Station Website and available from
the Stations reception on request subject to such variations may be provided for in this Schedule.
General Terms and Conditions for Promotions & Competitions
The following document covers all promotions and competitions run by this radio station both On-Air & Online.
There are sometimes additional Terms and Conditions applicable to certain competitions, these competition
specific Terms can be found in the link under the relevant competition section contained on this site.
1.1 The following General Terms & Conditions apply to all competitions, giveaways and promotions
(“Promotion/s”) run by this (“Radio Station”).
1.2 In the event that a Competition Terms and Condition Schedule (“Schedule”) has been published in
respect of a Promotion then these General Terms and Conditions are subject to all terms and
variations as are specified in the Schedule for the purposes of that Promotion.
1.3 The “Promoter” is the operating entity of the Radio Station unless otherwise specified in a Schedule
for the Promotion.
1.4 These General Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions of any applicable Schedule are
collectively referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”.
2.1 By submitting an entry to a Promotion, the entrant acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the
Terms and Conditions.
3.1 Promotions are open to permanent residents in the State or Territory in which details of the
Promotion are broadcast by the Radio Station unless otherwise specified in the Terms and
3.2 Some Promotions will only be open to persons who are 18 years of age or older at the time of
lodging their entry.
3.3 The Promoter may specify health, fitness or other requirements for entry if a Promotion requires any
form of participation on the part of the entrant or other persons. Such requirements will be
determined by the Promoter at its discretion with regard to the health and safety of all participants.
3.4 The Promoter may at its discretion withdraw or exclude any person from the Promotion or
participation in any prize based on that person’s health or medical history.
3.5 Unless otherwise stated in a Schedule for a Promotion, each entrant may only enter a Promotion
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
3.6 Entries can only be made in an individual’s own name and in their own capacity and no entry can be
made for or on behalf of any other person, venture or organisation.
3.7 Promotions are not open to:
(a) employees of, or contractors to, the Promoter or any of its agencies involved with the
(b) the spouse, de facto spouse, parent, natural or adopted child, or sibling (whether natural
or adopted by a parent) of such employees and contractors (whether or not they live in the
same household);
(c) any person who is discovered to have used or attempted to use any more than one name
in order to qualify to win any Promotion run by the Promoter except in the case of a legal
change of name;
(d) any person where that person or anyone from the same family or household has won a
prize or prizes from the Promoter on the radio station or on any station owned or
controlled by the Australian Radio Network valued either individually or collectively at more
than $500 in the 30 days prior to the commencement of the Promotion, or $20,000 in
the 6 months prior to the commencement of the Promotion.
3.8 All contestants acknowledge and agree that the Promoter can rely on the Terms and Conditions and
in particular, this Clause 3 even if the Promoter only learns of a person’s ineligibility after the
Promoter has or appears to have awarded the prize to the ineligible person. In those circumstances,
the Promoter can require return of the prize or payment of its value to the Promoter.
4.1 All entries must be lodged in accordance with the requirements of the Terms and Conditions for the
specific Promotion.
4.2 The Promoter is entitled at its sole discretion to reject or disqualify any entry which it determines to
be incomplete or ineligible or which in the sole opinion of the Promoter contains unlawful,
defamatory, offensive or other material which if published or broadcast would place the business
interests of the Promoter at risk or adversely effect the goodwill, name or reputation of the
4.3 All entries in any form, whether written or delivered by email, telephone, SMS or otherwise are
deemed received only upon actual receipt of a complete and eligible entry by the Promoter. In the
case of online entries by way of website or other communication application, an entry will not be
deemed received unless and until a complete and legible entry is received onto the Promoter
database. The Promoter shall have no responsibility for the failure of any means of communication
whether within the Promoter’s control or otherwise.
4.4 Where entries are made by SMS, the maximum cost of each SMS is 55 cents (including GST).
Participation will only be open to entries submitted from the Participant’s own telephone and where
such telephone allows caller ID, is SMS compatible and is connected via a service provider which
allows the receipt of text and premier messaging.
5.1 All prizes will be awarded either:
(a) where a Schedule applies in respect of the Promotion, as provided for in that Schedule; or
(b) in other cases as is published by the Promoter in respect of the Promotion.
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
5.2 All prizes must be collected within 3 months of the date of notification of winners as provided for
below. Subject to the regulatory requirements of the individual States or Territories, prizes not
collected within 3 months will be forfeited and will be redistributed into the prize pool of the
associated station and used for alternative contest giveaways. See clause 16 regarding Prize Claim
and Delivery.
5.3 All prize items are valued based on recommended retail pricing inclusive of GST and the Promoter
takes no responsibility for any variation in item values.
5.4 Any taxes which may be payable as a consequence of a winner receiving the prize are the sole
responsibility of that winner.
5.5 Prizes are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.
5.6 All “cash” prizes will be paid to by bank transfer to the winner’s nominated bank account. Payments
will only be made to the account owned by the winner. Alternatively, winners can request a cheque
be drawn, payable to the winner only.
5.7 If the specified prize becomes unavailable due to general unforeseen circumstances, the Promoter
may substitute a prize of like or equal value, subject to state regulations.
5.8 If the specified prize becomes unavailable due to acts of terrorism or acts of god (IE earthquake – or
other natural disaster). The Promoter and its associated promotional partners will not be liable for
replacement of any prize.
5.9 If a prize comprises tickets or attendance at any function or event, the Promoter accepts no
responsibility or liability in respect of the function or event. Should the function or event be
cancelled, postponed or otherwise varied, including but not limited to by the substitution of the
promoted performers, then the Promoter has no responsibility to provide alternate or substitute
tickets or to provide any cash equivalent in substitute for the tickets. The winner will in all respects
be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions applicable to such event or performance
including but not limited to the requirements for responsible service of alcohol and the right of the
Promoter, the organiser of such a function or event or their respective contractors or representatives
the right to refuse the winner and/or any guests of the winner entry or service.
5.10 Where a prize includes backstage or other opportunities to meet performers or celebrities, all such
opportunities are at the discretion of the relevant artist or celebrity and their management and the
Promoter will not be responsible or liable in the event that such meet and greet opportunities do not
take place and no replacement tickets, cash substitute or other compensation will be payable in any
form by the Promoter in these circumstances.
5.11 If a prize includes attending an event where alcohol is served, then a winner and any accompanying
guests must be 18 years of age or over and must carry with them at all times during such event
valid photographic identification and must provide such proof of age for inspection on request.
5.12 If a prize comprises vouchers, then all vouchers will be subject to the terms and conditions of the
provider of the vouchers and the expiry date specified by the provider of the voucher.
5.13 Unless otherwise specified, the class of travel for a travel prize incorporating an airfare is economy
5.14 Any prize comprising accommodation will be for accommodation costs only and does not include
additional charges (such as mini bar, in-room entertainment, dry cleaning, room service or other
additional charges) unless additional room service or other related charges are expressly stated to
be included in the Schedule for the Promotion.
5.15 All prizes awarded are for the benefit of the entrant only unless otherwise specified in a Schedule for
the Promotion and are non-transferable. Prizes must be used within the applicable time frames and
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
dates specified for the purposes of the Promotion and may be subject to availability and school
holiday or peak season exclusions.
5.16 Where a prizes includes travel, it is the responsibility of the winner to take out appropriate travel and
related insurance at their own cost.
5.17 If a prize includes overseas travel then unless otherwise specified in a Schedule for the Promotion,
the prize will exclude applicable Government taxes and charges. It is the responsibility of the
entrant to ensure they and any accompanying persons hold valid passports and comply with all legal
and regulatory requirements for the travel component of any prize. All travel is at the entrant’s own
risk and the Promoter accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever in respect of loss or injury
caused during such travel. Failure for any reason to utilise a prize comprising travel within the
specified dates will result in the forfeiture of the prize.
5.18 The Promoter may at its absolute discretion withdraw or exclude any person from the Promotion or
participation in any prize if that person at any time behaves in a manner which in the opinion of the
Promoter or the staff contractors or representatives of the operator of any event comprising a prize
in a Promotion is inappropriate or offensive or is or could be considered antisocial, dangerous or
threatening or which may cause injury to themselves or any other person.
5.19 The decision of the Promoter will be final in determining the winner of each Promotion. This will
include but not be limited to adjudicating on whether answers to quizzes are correct or otherwise
and in the event of a tie or draw in a Promotion determining at its discretion which entrant shall be
declared the winner.
5.20 If the Promoter becomes aware at any time, including after a winner has been announced, that an
entrant has not complied with these Terms and Conditions or other terms and conditions of the
Promotion, the entrant will have no entitlement to any prize and, as required by the Promoter, must
return or repay the full value of any prize received.
6.1 Any entrant or winner participating in any activity for the purposes of the Promotion or in respect of
any prize agrees to fully release and indemnify to the maximum extent permissible by law, the
Promoter and Australian Radio Network and their respective contractors, employees, directors and
officers in respect of any claim for accident, injury, property damage, financial lossor loss of life in
connection with the entrant or winner’s participation in the Promotion or prize.
6.2 The indemnity granted by each entrant and winner to the Promoter and Australian Radio Network
and their respective contractors, employees, directors and officers pursuant to Clause 6.1 includes in
respect of any cost, loss, expense, damage or liability whether direct or indirect or consequential,
(present or future), and any fine or penalty incurred by the entrant or winner.
6.3 In respect of any prize comprising travel or any other activity, the winner expressly acknowledges
that undertaking such travel or activity is at the winners own risk and sole discretion and that the
winner will make their own assessment of the risks and of their own suitability to participate in or to
undertake such activity or travel.
6.4 Each entrant and winner may at the discretion of the Promoter be required to execute a Deed of
Indemnity & Release prior to their participation in a Promotion or prize in a form determined by the
Promoter. The Promoter may deem an entrant ineligible to participate in a Promotion or ineligible to
win a prize if they fail to provide such release or indemnity on request.
6.5 Winner may substitute a proxy to take part on their behalf – full details of proxy will need to be
provided to the promoter prior to activity commencement. Such proxy to provide a release and
indemnity in accordance with clause 6.1 and otherwise to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of
the Promotion.
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
6.6 Where an entrant or winner is under the age of 18, their parent or guardian will be required to sign
the necessary indemnity and consent forms in order for the entrant to participate in the Promotion
or prize.
7.1 Prizes must be claimed in person unless the winner is advised otherwise by the Promoter. The
winner will be required to provide photographic identification for the purposes of collecting the prize.
The collection of prizes is the sole responsibility of the winner.
7.2 For cash prizes, photographic identification must be provided in person at least 5 business days in
advance of the intended pick up date to enable cheques to be drawn. Photographic identification will
also be required when collecting the prize.
7.3 Lost cheques will only be reissued within 6 months of their original issue date and only once.
7.4 A copy of the Terms and Conditions and/or a signed receipt and acknowledgement must be signed
and endorsed by any winner to indicate his/her understanding and acceptance of these terms.
7.5 Prizes will only be awarded following winner validation and verification. The determination of the
Promoter or such judges as are nominated by the Promoter are final and no correspondence will be
entered into.
7.6 If a prize is mailed to an entrant by the Promoter the Promoter shall not be responsible for any
replacement or compensation if the prize is lost or is delayed so that for example tickets arrive after
their scheduled event. It is at the sole discretion of the Promoter whether or not to mail any prize.
8.1 Each entrant consents to the content of their entry and any telephone entries or other call with the
Promoter being recorded, broadcast and published online by the Promoter without payment.
8.2 If an entrant submits a photograph as part of a Promotion the entrant consents and hereby grants
to the Promoter all rights necessary for the Promoter to edit and publish on its website the
photograph at the Promoter’s discretion and for other publicity purposes associated with the
promotion of the Radio Station. The entrant warrants to the Promoter that all parties shown in the
photograph have provided their consent for the purposes of the Promotion and that the photograph
is in fact a photograph of the entrant where this is a requirement of the Promotion.
8.3 Acceptance of a prize constitutes permission for the Promoter to use winner’s name, suburb of
residence, recording of winner’s voice, photos and likeness and filming for advertising and
promotional purposes by the Promoter for broadcast by radio and for use on line without
compensation, unless otherwise prohibited by law. The winners name will NOT be used or listed in
any other form of media without the explicit and written permission of the winner.
9.1 The Promoter takes no responsibility for the loss of prizes due to incorrect or imprecise delivery
details provided by an entrant.
9.2 The Promoter makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability
of any goods or services offered as prizes.
9.3 To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter is not liable for any loss suffered or sustained to
personal property and including, but not limited to consequential (including economic) loss by
reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, by the Promoter, or its servants or agents, in
connection with the arrangement for supply, or the supply, of any goods or services by any person
to the prize winner(s) and, where applicable, to any persons accompanying the winners.
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
9.4 A winner (or his or her guests, parent or guardian as appropriate) may be required to sign and
return any liability release provided by the Promoter and/or its contractors as a condition of the prize
being awarded. Failure to return the signed releases and indemnities will result in the entitlement to
the prize being forfeited and the selection of another winner.
10.1 All entries (whether in written, audio or visual form, or a combination of those) become and remain
the property of the Promoter (subject to the limits contained in the Privacy Statement).
11.1 The Promoter is not responsible for lost, interrupted communications or unavailable network server
or other connections, failed telephone, mid-delivery or computer transmissions or other errors of any
kind, whether human, mechanical or electronic.
11.2 The Promoter assumes no responsibility for any error, defect, delay, theft or unauthorised access to
or alternation of entries. Subject to any written directions given under the applicable law, if for any
reason, the Promotion is not capable of operating as planned, including infection by computer
viruses, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud or any other causes beyond the control of the
Promoter which corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, or proper conduct of the
Promotion, then the Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify
or suspend the Promotion.
11.3 The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual for:
(a) tampering with the entry process, including exceeding any limitation on the numbers of
entries, or any other process as determined by the Promoter that in any way affects the
fairness of the promotion;
(b) tampering with the operation of the Promotion or any web site of the Promoter or
associated with the Promotions;
(c) acting in violation of these Terms and Conditions; or
(d) acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner.
11.4 If an entrant selected as winner is found to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions a new
winner may be selected and, in the event that the entrant in breach has been awarded a prize, the
entrant may be required to return the prize or reimburse the value of the prize to the Promoter.
12.1 Subject to the regulatory requirements in each State or Territory, the Promoter may at its discretion
vary the Terms and Conditions or terminate, vary the Terms of Conditions for Promotion or
terminate entirely a promotion.
13.1 Participation in the Promotion constitutes the entrant’s unconditional agreement to and acceptance
of the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. The
entrant is responsible for ensuring his or her familiarity with the Terms and Conditions for the
Promotions at the time of participation. The Promoter’s decision not to enforce a specific restriction
does not constitute a waiver of that restriction or of the Terms and Conditions Promotion generally.
Syd_Docs LEGALADMIN 4133398 v3
14.1 All personal information submitted by any entrant for the purposes of a promotion will be governed
in accordance with the Privacy Statement for the Promoter. Please refer to the Privacy Statement
for a full description of our privacy policy.