7NEWS Perth 4pm bulletin – Win a Year’s Worth of Free Gas (prize valued at $1,500)

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“AlintaEnergy –Great GasGiveaway” promotion
Termsand Conditions
By enteringthe”AlintaEnergy –Great GasGiveaway” promotion (“theCompetition”),you areagreeingto the
1.1 Information on howto enter formspartof theterms of entry.
2.1 Subjectto clause2.2,entry isopen to all residentsof WesternAustraliaaged18 yearsof ageor older.
2.2 Employees (and their immediate families) of Seven Network (Operation) Ltd and their associated agencies
and companiesarenoteligibleto enter.
3.1 The Competition commences on Monday 18 January 2021 at 16:00 AWST and concludes on Friday 22
January2021 at 23:59AWST(“CompetitionPeriod”).
3.2 To enter you must:
3.2.1 Watch Seven News at 4pm Monday 18 January, Tuesday 19 January, Wednesday 20 January,
Thursday21 Januaryor Friday 22 January2021 to get the nightly codeword. Eachcodeword isa
new chanceto win.
3.2.2 Visit7NEWS.com.au/freegas andenter your detailsand thecodeword. All fieldsmustbecompleted
to be deemed a valid entry including but not limited to name, address, contact number, emails
addressandthenightly codeword.
3.3 In order to enter thedrawyou mustcompletea valid entryby Friday22 January2021at 23:59AWST.
3.4 All entrantsin theCompetitionmay only enter onceper codeword.All entrantsfound to haveentered more
than onceper codeword will havetheirsubsequententriesdisqualified.
3.7 The Promoters arenotresponsibleforanydataorother informationrelated to thiscompetition thatmay be
lost,damagedasaresultof any computer softwareor hardwaremalfunction.Any issuesoccurringasa result
of computer / server/ softwareproblemswill berectified asquickly aspossible.
3.8 If any entries aredeemed atthe Promoter’s final discretion to bemadevia “scripting”,thoseentrieswillbe
deemed invalid and will notbeaccepted.
4.1 There will be one (1) prize winner randomly drawn from all valid entries who will win the prize detailed in
4.2 The winner will receive:
(a) A credit for the full amount of their gas bill (including GST) applied to the residential Western
Australia (WA) Alinta Energy gas account at the supply address that was submitted on the entry form
(“WinningAccount”) for the next four (4) consecutive quarterly gas bills, up to a total of $1,500 (including
4.3 Once the $1,500 (inclusive of GST has been exhausted, regardless of whether or not the credit has been
applied to all four (4) consecutivegas bills,theWinningAccountwill no longer becredited,andthewinner
will beresponsiblefor payingany outstandingamounton theirrespectivegasbill(s)to AlintaEnergy.
4.4 The Prize is not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash. For the avoidance of doubt, if a Winning
Accountiscancelled atanytimeafter receivingthePrizeand anyamountof thePrizeremainsunused on that
WinningAccount, the remaining amount of the Prize will be forfeited and cannot be withdrawn from the
WinningAccountincash or transferred to another supply addressor anotherindividual’sgasaccount.
4.5 The Prizeis based on an annual averagebill of $680 (inclusiveof GST).
4.6 The Prizecanonly beredeemed againstAlintaEnergy gasaccountsregistered to thewinningentrant.
4.7 Thewinner forfeitstheprizeintheeventthatutilisation of theprizeisnotpossible.Winnersmustacceptthe
Prizethey havewon andcannottransfer Prizes.
4.8 The Prize winners and their nominated companions must participate in and co-operate with all reasonable
media editorial requests,includingbutnotlimited to,beinginterviewed and photographed,and theWinners
grantthePromotersa perpetual andnon-exclusivelicenceto usesuch footageand photographsinall media
worldwideand theWinnerswillnotbeentitled to anyfeefor suchuse.
4.9 The prizewinneragrees they will notsell or otherwiseprovidetheirstory and/or photographsto any media
or other organisation.
4.10 Itis a condition of acceptingthePrizethatthe prizewinnermustcomplywith all theconditionsof useof the
Prizeand thePromoter’srequirements.
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4.11 Prizes cannotberedeemed for cash and arenottransferableor exchangeable.
4.12 The prizewinnersmustprovidevalid identification to thePromoter.
4.13 Unless expressly stated in these terms and conditions all other expenses related to the Prizes become the
responsibility of thePrizeWinnersand theirnominated companions.
4.14 Independentfinancial adviceshouldbesoughtastaximplicationsmay ariseasaresultof acceptingthePrize.
4.15 Alinta Energy’sconditionsof usageand accountmanagementformpartof theseterms andconditions.
4.16 In the event that an element of the prize outlined above is, for any reason, cancelled, postponed or not
available, that element(s) of the prize will be considered as forfeited and no cash alternative offer will be
granted in lieuof thepartof theprize.
4.17 The prize is awarded to the energy account number and residential address provided upon entry and cannot be
exchanged across accounts or residentialaddresses.
4.18 The prize is inclusive ofresidentialAlinta Energy accounts and cannot be awarded to other accounts such as commercial
or business accounts.
5.1 There will be one (1) prize winner determined from all valid entries via a random drawat 50 Hasler Rd
OsbornePark on Wednesday27January2021at 10:00AWST.
5.2 A member of the Seven WestMedia (WA) Marketingdepartmentwill contacttheprizewinnersby a phone
call theday of thedrawand an email sentto theemail addresson theentry will besent. Thewinner’sentry
details will be published on 7NEWS.com.au/freegas from the day after the draw. They may also be
mentioned on Seven News thenightof thedraw.
5.3 Winners will liaise with Alinta Energy directly to finalise fulfilment of the prize. If the Prize is not claimed
within 14daysof beingawarded,thePrizewill beforfeited and a newwinner will berandomly drawn.
5.4 The Promoters decision isfinal andthePromoter will notenter into correspondenceregardingtheresult.
5.5 The Promotersmay in theirabsolutediscretion deementriesinvalidsubsequently to a prizewinnerbeing
notified ora prizewinner’snamebeingannounced if itisdiscovered thatthe prizewinnerdidnotenter the
Competitionin accordancewith thesetermsandconditions.In thesecircumstances,anadditional drawwill
be conducted.
5.6 Itis a condition of acceptingtheprizethatthe prizewinner (and any companions) may berequired to signa
legal releasein aformdetermined by thePromotersinitsabsolutediscretion.
6.1 In the caseof theintervention of anyoutsideact,agentor eventwhich preventsor significantly hindersthe
Promoters ability to proceed withtheCompetitionon thedates andinthemanner describedin theseterms
and conditions, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, tempests, natural disasters, acts of
God, civil unrest, strike, war, act of terrorism, the Promoter may in its absolute discretion cancel the
Competition and recommence it from the start on the same conditions, subject to state government
6.2 Seven Network (Operations) Ltd and their associated or related (as defined in the corporations act 2001)
agencies and companies will take no responsibility for prizes damaged or lost in transit, or late, lost or
misdirected mail.
6.3 Seven Network (Operations) Ltd, and their associated related (as defined in the corporations act 2001)
agencies and companies will not be liable for any misadventure, accident, injury, loss (includingbut not
limited to consequentialloss) or claimthatmay occur:
a) duringtheentry processor thedraw;
b) in theparticipation,acceptanceor useof any element(s) of theprize;
c) as a consequenceof late,lostor misdirected mail;
d) due to the broadcast of any program relating to the Competition or the publication of any material,
including any statements made by any compere, staff member, journalist, other entrants or any other
e) arisingfromor related to any problemor technical malfunction of internetconnection, lines or mobile
communicationsnetwork related to or resultingfromparticipation in thispromotion.
6.4 Seven Network (Operations) Ltd, associated related (as defined in the corporations act 2001) agencies and
companies assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in
operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or
alteration of entries, and reserves the right to take any action that may be available, subject to state
6.5 If for any reason theCompetition isnotcapableof runningasplanned,dueto causes includingbutnotlimited
to tampering,unauthorized intervention,fraud,technical failuresor anyother causesbeyondthecontrol of
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the Promoters and/ or Prize provider which corrupt or affect the administration security, fairness, integrity
or proper conductof theCompetition,thePromotersreservetherightinitssolediscretion to disqualify any
individual who tampers with the entry process, take any action that may be available, and to cancel,
terminate,modify or suspend theCompetition,subjectto stategovernmentlegislation.
6.6 By entering the competition, and by collectinga prize, the prize winner acknowledges and accepts that
driving,travel and anyother activitiescomprisingtheprize,areinherently dangerousandmay resultindeath,
injury,incapacity,damageto property or other losses. ThePromotersandPrizesupplier arenotresponsible
for any actsof god,suchasadverseweather conditionsor industrial action orcivil commotionthatmay occur
whilst the prize winner is travelling. It is the responsibility of the prize-winner to enquire about local issues
and conditionsatdestinationsprior to travel.
6.7 The Promoters reserves the right to reasonably amend or vary these terms and conditions at its sole
discretion,orally orinwriting,forthepurposeof Seven Network OperationsLtd programming,schedulingor
6.8 The Promotersreservetherightto reasonably amend or vary thesetermsandconditionsatitssole
discretion,orally orin writing.
7.1 The Promoter is Seven Network (Operations) Limited (ABN 65 052 845 262) of 8 Central Avenue, Eveleigh
NSW 2015.
7.2 The Prize Sponsor of the Competition is Alinta Sales Pty Ltd (Alinta Energy), Level 18 Raine Square, 300
Murray StreetPerth 6000(ABN92 089531984).
7.3 Entry details remain the property of the Promoter. Seven Network (Operations) Limited (ABN 65 052 845
262) and itsrelated entities(“Seven”),iscollectingyourpersonal informationfor thepurposeof conducting
and promoting this Competition, including for the purpose of identifying and notifying winners and
understanding our audiences. Seven will otherwise handle your personal information in accordance with
Seven’s Privacy Policy which is available on our website at http://www.sevenwestmedia.com.au/privacy-
policies(and which containsinformation regardinghowyou can accessyourpersonal information,correctit
and/ or make a complaint about our handlingof your personal i nformation). By providing your personal
informationbelow,you agreeto theterms of the PrivacyPolicy. Withoutlimitingtheforegoing,Seven may
disclose the entrant’s personal information to its related entities, business partners and external service
providers for research and profiling purposes as well as other purposes reasonably related to the entrant’s
relationship with Seven. Inaddition,by enteringthiscompetition,you consentto Seven usingyour personal
information for the purpose of Seven and its related entities sending you information regarding programs,
products and services available through them and/ or through their business partners, and to Seven from
timeto time sharingyourpersonal information with carefully selected businesspartnersfor thepurposeof
them sendingyousuch information directly. Wewill alwaysprovideyou withtheability to optoutof those
7.4 If an Entrantdoes notwant their detailsto beused for thepurposesstated inclause7.2.they mustwriteto
Seven WestMedia(WA) byemailto privacy@wanews.com.auor postto Privacy Officer,GPOBoxD162,Perth
WA6840 andSeven WestMedia(WA) will ensurethatthedetailsarenotusedfor thatpurpose.
7.5 Itis a conditionof entry thatall prizewinnersagreeto havetheir name,photo,video andsuburb published
for publicity purposesif required.By participatinginthiscompetition,participantssignify theiracceptanceof
all conditionsandtherequirementto participatein promotional activity if required.