AMP Australia – Win $1000 In Your Very Own Amp Saver Account (prize valued at $1,000)

Brief Terms & Conditions

Prize Values

7 the maximum prize value is one

8 total maximum prize pool value is $1000

Your Chance To Win

Win $1000 in your very own amp saver account

Prize winner.

prize, the Promoter will arrange for the winner to open a new AMP Saver account. winner will then receive one thousand Australian dollars (AUD$1,000) deposited into their new AMP Saver account, conditional upon the Promoter receiving the required consent, information and documents from the winner to open their account, and subject to their account being opened.

prize value is one thousand Australian dollars (AUD$1,000) which will be deposited into the winner’s new AMP Saver account.

prize pool value is $1,000.

Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash, in ac

How To Enter

To enter please visit

To enter the promotion.