Equitana Melbourne – Win a Riding Lesson with Charlotte or Dirk

EQUITANA and The Horse Magazine are excited to announce an exciting competition. By now, we all know that the guest presenters at this year’s EQUITANA Melbourne will be London Gold medalists and WEG team riders Charlotte Dujardin and Dirk Schrade.

We will be giving you the chance to ride with either Dirk or Charlotte in a Masterclass at EQUITANA, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here’s how it works: Before you start you must meet the following criteria:

be 16-26 years of age,
have your own Facebook profile,
have your own horse or access to the horse you will be nominating,
be a regular and active competitor and a financial member of EA, SHC, HRCAV or PC.

Nominations are now open and close 12th of September. You will be asked to submit a brief profile about yourself, your horse and your riding experience, plus a photo as well as a five-minute YouTube clip of yourself riding the nominated horse.

Charlotte and Dirk will assess each entry and shortlist their six favourite riders. Then the fun begins: over a one-week period from 22 to 28 September 2014 a public voting system will open where fans of the EQUITANA Facebook page will have the opportunity to vote on the lucky finalists selected by our stars.

The lucky winner will have the chance to participate in Charlotte and Judy Harvey’s clinic or Dirk Schrade’s Masterclass at EQUITANA. In addition each rider will be featured in a three-part feature in The Horse Magazine with a pre-, during- and post event article.