Thanks to ANZ, Dan & Maz are going to give away the MOST EXTRAORDINARY PRIZE OF ALL TIME! All you have to do to win it is guess what it is!

After a meeting with ANZ, Dan and Maz were given the chance to create the most extraordinary prize of all time…
Something that’s *never* been given away on radio before anywhere in the world…
That is mind-blowing, surprising, unusual and astonishing….

The issue? Dan’s taken the budget and organised it all himself!

What is the prize? How has Dan used the money?

Be sure to listen to Dan & Maz every day after 4pm to find out clues as to what the prize is. We’ll also add clues to our Twitter Feed @DanAndMaz and on our Facebook as well

If you think you know what the extraordinary prize is, take a guess below!

We’ll be in touch if you’re right!

(You can guess as many times as you like, but each guess MUST be a unique guess. One entry per guess. Remember to be as specific as possible!)

To enter, entrants must, during the Registration Period:
1. Go to the Website and register their details.
2. Register their unique guess when asked “What is Dan & Maz’s Extraordinary Prize?”
3. The Promoter will judge entries in accordance with the Major Prize Judging Criteria to determine one (1) Major Prize
4. The Promoter will judge entries in accordance with the Minor Prize Judging Criteria to award up to two (2) Minor Prize

Major 1 x ‘Extraordinary Prize’ with value of at least $20,000

Minor 2 x ‘Extraordinary Experiences’ with a maximum value of $10,000