Flagstone Village – Win 1 of 4 family staycations to Cedar Creek Loges

The Promotion commences at 2:00pm on Tuesday 2 March 2021 and ends at 5:00 pm on Tuesday 23 March 2021. (“Promotion Period”).

To be eligible to enter the Promotion (and so be an “Entrant”) an individual must be an Australian resident and make an Eligible Transaction.

Eligible Transaction:

An “Eligible Transaction” is a purchase:

of any goods or services, but these must not be:
Tobacco Products; or
Gaming Products; or
Gift Cards; or
deposits into banks, building societies or other financial institutions or payments on account of insurances and the like; or
telephone, internet or mobile phone calling cards or credit cards; or
payments for registrations (e.g. motor vehicle registration), payments for services (e.g. electricity, gas, telephone), premiums (e.g. insurance and health fund premiums), rates and subscriptions (e.g. ambulance subscriptions); or
lay-by payments; and
valued at:
twenty dollars ($20.00) or more at any Participating Specialty Retailer; or
twenty dollars ($20.00) or more at the Major Supermarket; and
made during the Promotion Period.
A “Gift Card” is a card that is exchangeable for goods and services from a Participating Specialty Retailer.
A “Tobacco Product” includes:
tobacco (in any form); or
any product (for example a cigar or cigarette);
that contains tobacco as its main or substantial ingredient; and
that is designed or intended for human consumption or use; and
that is not included in the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods maintained under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth); or
a cigarette paper, cigarette roller or pipe.
A “Gaming Product” includes
a lottery ticket under the Lotteries Act 1997 (Qld);
a ticket in a game of lucky envelopes or a promotional game that is scratched to reveal numbers, letters or symbols that may entitle the player of that game to a prize; or
a voucher or other acknowledgement for playing:
a game under the Casino Control Act 1982 (Qld);
a gaming machine under the Gaming Machine Act 1991 (Qld); or
an approved keno game under the Keno Act 1996 (Qld);
a ticket or other acknowledgement for a bet under the Wagering Act 1998 (Qld).
A “Participating Specialty Retailer” refers to all retailers in the Centre but excludes:
any banks or financial institutions; and
Coles Supermarket, provided however that any retailer can, at any time before or during the Promotion Period, withdraw from participating in the Promotion.
A “Major Supermarket” refers to Coles supermarket in the Centre.

An Eligible Transaction must be evidenced by a “Valid Receipt” being an original official store docket from a Participating Specialty Retailer or a Major Store that is clearly marked with the date of purchase, the amount of the purchase and the store or business trading name.

If an Eligible Transaction is for more than $40.00 (i.e. 2 x $20.00) spent at a Participating Specialty Retailer, an individual is entitled to 2 entry forms and may enter the Promotion twice. If an Eligible Transaction is for more than $60.00 (i.e. 3 x $20.00) spent at a Participating Specialty Retailer, an individual is entitled to 3 entry forms and so on. Each $20.00 spent at a Participating Specialty Retailer and each $75.00 spent at a Major Store entitles an individual to one entry in the Promotion.

An individual may combine up to two (2) Valid Receipts to create an Eligible Transaction. For example, an individual may combine a Valid Receipt for a $10.00 purchase from a Participating Specialty Retailer and a Valid Receipt for a $10.00 purchase from another Participating Specialty Retailer to have 1 Eligible Transaction. Additionally, individuals can combine Valid Receipts from a Participating Specialty Retailer with Valid Receipts from a Major Store.

Where a Valid Receipt, or a combination of multiple Valid Receipts, exceeds $20.00 from a Participating Specialty Retailer or $20.00 from a Major Store, the value shown on the Valid Receipt/s will be rounded down to the nearest $20.00. For example, a Valid Receipt for $22.00 from a Participating Specialty Retailer is 1 Eligible Transaction. However a Valid Receipt for $42.00 from a Participating Specialty Retailer is 2 Eligible Transactions.
The Promoter, Participating Specialty Retailers, Major Stores, CBRE Pty Ltd and their respective officeholders, employees, agents, contractors, and their Immediate Family Members are not eligible to enter the Promotion. “Immediate Family Member” means any spouse, child, defacto or any other family member residing at the same premises as that person.
An individual may enter the Promotion as many times as they wish, provided these Rules are complied with.
To partake in the Promotion, entrants must, during the Promotion Period:
Collect a receipt showing spend of $20 or more at any retailer (from participating retailers located only at Flagstone Village Shopping Centre) (Purchase);
Scan the QR code located on one of the display corflutes located with the centre.
Entry is via Woobox entry form on https://woobox.com/4ddwpf– To ensure the entry is valid, users will need to fill out all of the requested information on the website’s membership field and attach the relevant receipt to go in the draw

To be a valid entry (“Valid Entry”) the Entry Form must:

include the Entrant’s full name, email address and purchase details including spend amount, which must be complete and legible.
Upload a copy of the receipt – duplicated receipts will not be accepted as an entry and entrant’s may be disqualified if this requirement is not satisfied.
On lodgment of a Valid Entry in accordance with these Rules, an Entrant will be eligible for the prize draw (“Prize Draw”).

For full Terms and Conditions, please see the link below.