IGA – Back To School – Win a Jeep Renegade valued at $30,000 plus $500 Instant Win Cash Prizes

Terms & Conditions
Trade Promotion: Game of Chance Schedule to Conditions of Entry
Promotion Name

Metcash Back To School Promotion January 2017
Promotion Type


Mondelez Australia (Foods) Ltd (ABN 15 004 125 071) of 162 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria, 3207. Telephone: 1800 033 275
Permit Numbers

Authorised under the following permits: LTPS/16/08992, ACT TP 16/02252, SA T16/2043
Relevant State(s)

All Australian States and Territories.
Promotion Period

The Promotion starts at 16/01/17 at 12.01am AEDT.

The Promotion closes at 12/03/17 at 11.59pm AEDT.
Entry Restrictions

Entry is open to residents of Australia aged 18 years or over at the commencement of the Promotion.
Participating Stores

Any participating IGA, Supa IGA, IGA X-press or Foodland stores nationally.
Participating Products

The Participating Products are:

• any KRAFT branded products;

• any VEGEMITE products;

• any DAIRYLEA products; and

• any SNACKABOUTS products.
Entry Procedure

To enter, entrants must, during the Promotion Period:

1. purchase any three (3) or more Participating Products in one (1) transaction from a Participating Store (Qualifying Purchase);

2. retain their original itemised store receipt from their Qualifying Purchase (Proof of Purchase); and

3. visit www.kickstarttheyear.com.au (Website) and fully complete and submit the online entry form as required.

Time of entry will be the time that the entry is received by the Promoter, and not the time of transmission by the entrant.
Maximum Number of Entries

Entrants can submit 1 entry for each three (3) Participating Products purchased in one transaction, with a maximum of five (5) entries per day. Each entry must be submitted separately in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Entrants (other than South Australian residents) will only be allowed to win one Instant Win Prize.
Verification Requirements

If requested by the Promoter, provisional prize winners may be required to send the original copy of their Proof of Purchase (corresponding to all entries submitted during the Promotion Period) to the Promoter (following the instructions set out in the notification message), before they will be awarded their prize.

If in the opinion of the Promoter, Proof of Purchase has been shared between any entrants, those entrants’ entries may be deemed invalid and they will lose any right to a prize.

Entrants may be required to provide proof of identity, proof of age and proof of residency to verify their entry (Proof of Identity). Identification considered suitable for verification is at the Promoter’s discretion. Failure to provide Proof of Identity on request may result in an entrants entries being deemed invalid at the Promoter’s discretion.

Entering under a false name/s may invalidate all entries. Multiple entries under different names and or different emails from the same residential addresses may also invalidate all entries at the Promoter’s discretion, unless all original itemised receipts can be produced on request.

The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Instant Win Prize Procedure

During the Promotion Period, 40 x Cash Prizes of $500 will be awarded (Instant Win Prizes). Instant Win Prizes will be allocated as follows:

1. Instant Win Prize winning time slots (each a Winning Time Slot) will be randomly allocated 1 per day (Monday – Friday only) during the Promotion Period. The first valid entry received at or after each Winning Time Slot in the Period will “instantly win” the Instant Win Prize allocated to that particular Winning Time Slot.

2. If there is no valid and eligible entry received by the Promoter at or after a Winning Time Slot, then:

(a) the Winning Time Slot will lapse;

(b) there will be no “instant” winner of an Instant Win Prize for the relevant Winning Time Slot; and

(c) the Instant Win Prize allocated to that Winning Time Slot will be reallocated to the next Winning Time Slot together with a further Instant Win Prize for that Winning Time Slot. (In such circumstances it is possible for there to be multiple winners in a Winning Time Slot.)

3. If there is no valid and eligible entry received by the Promoter at or after the final Winning Time Slot, the Instant Win Prize allocated to that Winning Time Slot will be allocated to the last valid entry received before the final Winning Timeslot. All Instant Win Prizes will be distributed.

Instant Win Prizes: Time of entry will be deemed to be the time that the entry is received by the Promoter.
Instant Win Prize Details


No. available

Value (RRP incl. GST)

Cash Prize (which will be awarded by EFT to the winner’s nominated bank account).


Major Prize Draw

Time: 11.00am on 15/03/2017 AEDT.

Location: Night and Day, 8 Simpson Street Moorabbin VIC 3189.

Method: random electronic selection from all complete, eligible entries received during the Promotion Period (including Instant Win Prize winning entries).

Major Prize Winner: the first complete, valid, eligible entry drawn.
Major Prize Details

Major Prize:

The Major Prize Winner will win a MY17 Jeep Renegade Sport petrol CVT Model (Car) with automatic transmission, valued at up to $29,000 including registration, compulsory third party insurance, stamp duty and dealer delivery to the winner’s nearest capital city. The Car will include added accessories, to be determined by the Promoter at their absolute discretion, up to the value of $1,000.

Total RRP value of the Major Prize is up to $30,000.
Major Prize Restrictions and Additional Terms

Additional insurance, accessories, additional options, petrol and all other ancillary costs (including travel to and from the Jeep dealership in the prize winner’s nearest capital city to collect the vehicle) are the responsibility of the Major Prize Winner. Unless expressly stated in these terms and conditions, all other expenses become the sole responsibility of the Major Prize Winner. The Major Prize Winner must collect the Car from their nearest authorised Jeep dealer as specified by the Promoter.

The car depicted in all promotional material is not necessarily the same colour or grade as the Car that the Major Prize Winner will receive. The external and interior colour of the Car is subject to availability. The Promoter may, in its absolute discretion, accommodate the winner’s colour preference (excluding metallic options), subject to availability.

Receipt of the Car is subject to the Major Prize Winner being able to lawfully take possession of the Car and comply with all registration and compulsory third-party insurance requirements of the state/territory in the state/territory the Major Prize Winner elects to register the Car.

If the Major Prize Winner is, through any legal incapacity or otherwise, unable to register the Car in their own name, then the winner may assign the Car to another person (who consents to such assignment) with legal capacity for the purpose of registration. The Promoter takes no responsibility for any such arrangements between the Major Prize Winner and the assignee. It is a condition of winning that the Major Prize Winner provides the Promotor with their full name, address and a copy of their current Australian driver’s license and all other required and requested documentation prior to the awarding of the Car. It is a condition of accepting the Car that the Major Prize Winner may be required to sign a legal release in a form to be determined by the Promoter in its discretion.

In acceptance of the Car, the Major Prize Winner acknowledges that they may incur ongoing costs associated with the Car which are the entire and sole responsibility of the Major Prize Winner as incurred.

The Promotor will organize for the Car to be delivered to the dealership. The Major Prize Winner is advised that it may take several weeks for the Car to have its pre-delivery work finalised and delivered to the dealership, subject to the winner’s location, state and territory vehicle registration, and dealership requirements. The winner should allow 28 days for this process.

The Car cannot be exchanged or amended to be taken as cash.
Total Instant Win Prize Draw Pool

$20,000 (RRP incl. GST).
Total Major Prize Pool

Up to $30,000 (RRP incl. GST),
Total Prize Pool

Up to $50,000 (RRP incl. GST).
Notification & Publication of Winners

All Instant Win Prize winners will be notified via an on screen message immediately upon submitting a winning entry, and by email to the email address provided on their entry form within 2 business days.

The Major Prize Winner will be contacted in writing and by phone within 2 business days of the Major Prize Draw.

All winners will have their name and state/territory of residence published on the Website on 22/03/2017 for a period of 28 days.
Prize Delivery

If a provisional prize winner complies with these Terms and Conditions and the Promoter verifies and accepts the entry in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Promoter will deliver the prize within 28 days of the winning entry being verified, to the address provided by the entrant at the time of completing their entry or via the verification process, except for the Major Prize Winner who will be required to collect their prize (see Major Prize Restrictions and Additional Terms for details).

The Promoter takes no responsibility for an incorrect postal address being provided when entering the promotion or as part of the Verification Requirements. Once dispatched (or collected, as applicable) the Promoter is not liable for any prize that has been lost, stolen, damaged or tampered with in any way.
Prize Claim Date

All prizes must be claimed by 5:00PM on 15/06/2017 AEST.
Unwon/Unclaimed Prize Arrangements

In the event of an unwon or unclaimed prize, an unwon/unclaimed prize draw will be conducted as follows:

Time & Date: 11:00AM on 16/06/2017 AEST.

Location: Night and Day, 8 Simpson Street Moorabbin VIC 3189

Unclaimed prize draw winners (if any) will be contacted in writing within two (2) business days of the draw and their name will be published on the Website on 23/06/2017 for a period of 28 days.