Remax – Ad for My Pad – Win a $25,000 holiday to anywhere in the world

Remax – Make an ad to sell your pad




Agreement. These terms and conditions constitute your agreement (“Agreement”) with Nova Australia Pty 2012 Pty Limited trading as “RE/MAX” (the “Promoter”) in relation to your participation in the RE/MAX Make an Ad to Sell your Pad competition (“Competition”). The Promoter reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to exclude or disqualify entries to the Competition, which do not comply with any provision of this Agreement.
Competition Dates and Entries. Entries to the Competition open on 23rd June, 2014. The Competition ends on 31st, August, 2014and entries received after that date, for whatever reason, will not be accepted. Entries must be submitted in accordance with any directions or instructions published by the Promoter. All entries and Entry Content (as defined below) must meet any technical specifications published by the Promoter. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any entries which are incorrectly addressed, incorrectly submitted, are lost or delayed in the mail or as a result of any electronic or online delivery mechanism. There is no fee for entry however entrants are solely responsible for all costs in connection with the creation of their entries and all Entry Content.
Participation. Participation in the Competition is open to any Australian resident aged 18 years, other than:

(a) employees of the Promoter;

(b) franchisees (or their employees) of the Promoter; and

(c) suppliers to the Promoter or its franchisees (or their employees).

A reference to the “Promoter” in this clause includes any related entities of the Promoter, and a reference to any of the persons listed in (a) – (c) above includes their families. Entry is not available to persons aged under 18 years. Eligible entrants may submit multiple entries.

Entry Content. Entry into the Competition requires you to submit certain material as part of your entry (“Entry Content”). Entry Content may include audiovisual material, cinematograph films, literary material and works, and artistic works (including photographs). By entering into the Competition you assign all rights of the Entry Content, including any and all copyright, to the Promoter. Without limiting the foregoing you acknowledge that:

(a) the Promoter may reproduce, broadcast, communicate and otherwise use the Entry Content for any purpose in its sole discretion anywhere in the world;

(b) the Promoter may use the Entry Content for promotion of its business and the businesses of its related entities anywhere in the world;

(c) the Promoter may sell, assign or licence the Entry Content to third parties;

(d) in no circumstances will the Promoter be liable to pay any amounts to you in exercising its rights under this clause;

(e) you may not reproduce, use or exploit the Entry Material, for commercial benefit or otherwise, without the Promoter’s written consent;

(f) you consent to the Promoter doing any acts with the Entry Content which might otherwise infringe your moral rights in the Entry Content; and

(g) the Promoter is not obliged to acknowledge you as the creator or author of the Entry Content in any circumstances.

Warranties. By entering the Competition you warrant that you:

(a) are the owner of the property promoted in the Entry Content;

(b) if you are not the sole owner, you have the consent to enter the Competition from all other owners of the property;

(c) have obtained all necessary consents or permissions required for the recording of the Entry Content, including the consent of any individuals who appear in the Entry Content;

(d) are the sole author and owner of the Entry Content, including any and all copyright comprised in the Entry Content;

(e) that the Entry Content, and any act you take in creating the Entry Content or entering the Competition, is not defamatory, discriminatory or in breach of any Australian State or Federal law or regulation; and

(f) that the use of the Entry Content by the Promoter, its related entities and any assignees will not infringe the rights of any other person anywhere in the world, and the Promoter will not be required to pay any amounts to any third parties for the use and exploitation of the Entry Content in any manner.

Written Releases. Without limiting the foregoing, the Promoter reserves the right to require you to provide signed written consent forms or release forms from any person who either appears in the Entry Content, or who contributed to or was associated with the creation of the Entry Content, in a form acceptable to the Promoter in order to ensure that the Promoter’s rights as set out in this Agreement are valid and enforceable. The foregoing may include a moral rights consent form.
Promoter’s Discretion as to Entries.Despite anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the Promoter may disqualify or choose not to accept any entry and any Entry Content in its absolute discretion at any time without being required to provide any reasons. Entry Content must not exceed three minutes in length. Entries may not include inappropriate comments, behaviour or content, including nudity, swearing, violence, racism, or discrimination. Entries must not directly or indirectly promote any competitor of the Promoter, advertise the property in question, offer it for sale, or identify the house location. The Promoter reserves the right to accept entries in its discretion even if they do not comply with these requirements. Accepted Entry Content will be posted at (“Website”) or such other or alternative websites as the Promoter may choose.
Weekly Prizes. There are two types of prizes (each a “Prize”) to be awarded as part of the Competition. Each week, commencing on 23rd June, 2014 and ending on 31st August, 2014a weekly prize of a $1,000 Flight Centre Voucher will be awarded (“Weekly Prize”). The full terms and conditions of use of each voucher can be found at: By entering the Competition you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions. They include without limitation that each voucher is not transferable; The voucher will be valid for 12 months from date of issue and must be used at any Flight Centre Branch within that 12-month period; The voucher cannot be sold or redeemed for cash.
Weekly Voting. Each Weekly Prize will be awarded to the entry receiving the most number of votes from the public during the weekly voting period in question. A maximum of two votes per video can be made (one via YouTube and one via, however voters can vote for multiple videos. Each weekly voting period will commence at 7am Monday of the relevant week and finish at 7am the following Monday. Only entries submitted during that weekly voting period will be eligible for the weekly prize in question. Time of entry will be deemed to be the time at which the entry is made live on the competition Website. In the event that one or more entries receive the same number of votes in any given week then those entries will be referred to the judging panel to be judged and the Weekly Prize awarded as per the six criteria being applied to the selection process for the Grand Prize Winner, as set out below. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Publication of Weekly Winners. The winner of each Weekly Prize will be published on the Wednesday following the week in question. The winner will be published on the Website (, Grand Prize.All accepted entries will be eligible for the Grand prize, being $25,000 worth of travel and accommodation offered by Flight Centre (“Grand Prize”). The terms and conditions of the Grand Prize applicable to the winner are as follows: the Grand Prize must be used by the winner(s) and is not transferable; Travel and accommodation must be booked and travel commenced within 12 months of awarding the Prize; The Grand Prize must be redeemed and travel / accommodation booked with RE/MAX Australia’s elected travel agent Denise Dean; The Grand Prize may only be used for flights and accommodation to an international destination in a country in which RE/MAX conducts business and in which RE/MAX has an office; Flights may be economy or business class and the winner will be permitted up to 4 different trips (provided all travel has commenced within the 12 month period after awarding the Grand Prize); The Grand and Weekly Prizes cannot be sold or redeemed for cash. RE/MAX may require the winner(s) to make themselves available for reasonable promotional activities with a RE/MAX office in their holiday destination.
Judging of Entries for Award of Grand Prize. Entries will be reviewed and judged by a panel of judges selected by the Promoter. In judging the entries and awarding the Grand Prize the judges will apply the following criteria:
1. How effectively the entry showcases the home
2. Performance of presenters
3. Camera technique
4. Editing
5. Use of music & audio
6. Overall appeal of the entry
The judges will award the Grand Prize to the entry which, in their opinion, best satisfies the judging criteria. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Publication of Grand Prize Winner. The winner of the Grand Prize will be published 10th September,2014. The winner will be published on the Website ( of Prizes. The Promoter reserves the right to substitute a different prize to any of the prizes referred to above, provided any substituted prize is in the Promoter’s reasonable opinion of equivalent value.
Tax. Any tax payable in connection with any Prize is the sole responsibility of the prize winner.
Contact Us. If you have any query or complaint in relation to the Competition, or in relation to any of your personal information which you have provided us, you should contact the Promoter using the following details:Aimee DohertyEmail: 073007 9017
Disclaimer of Liability.Subject to clause 15 below, the Promoter will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, including without limitation any personal injury or damage to property, resulting from or in connection with the Competition, competitors’ activities or actions in creating or preparing entries for the Competition, or the awarding of any Prize.
Incorrect Information etc.Without limiting clause 12,the Promoter will have no liability to any winner if the winner fails to claim the prize for any reason, if the winner has provided any incorrect information including without limitation contact details, or if the winner is otherwise unable to enjoy the benefit of the prize for any reason beyond the control of the Promoter.
Privacy. Each entrant warrants that all information provided by them is true and correct. The Promoter collects your personal information which may include name, address, phone number and email address for the purpose of administering the Competition and being able to contact you as set out in this clause. Without limiting the Promoter’s rights, the Promoter may use the personal information it collects to contact you in relation to the Competition. It may use your personal information for its own internal business purposes or to improve its products or services. The Promoter may also use your personal information to contact you and provide you with information about its products or services it believes may be of interest to you, or those of certain selected business partners of the Promoter. The Promoter may disclose your personal information to third party service providers, such as marketing services providers and IT service providers for the purpose of conducting and administering the Competition. The Promoter may also disclose personal information as required by any Australian law or regulation. The Promoter will otherwise handle your personal information, and may use and disclose it, in accordance with the Promoter’s privacy policy, a copy of which may be accessed at:
No Warranties. The Promoter makes no warranties of any kind in relation to the Competition, including without limitation any Prize. All statutory and other warranties, promises or representations, however made or given and whether express or implied, as to quality, merchantability or fitness for purpose of any such goods or services are expressly negatived and excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. These terms and conditions will not be read or applied so as to purport to exclude, restrict or modify all or any of the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law or any other law which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified. Without prejudice to any of the foregoing, if the Promoter incurs a liability to any person under such legislation, the liability of the Promoter is limited to the supply of equivalent goods or services, or the payment of the costs of supplying equivalent goods or services.
Claiming Prizes. Prizes must be claimed within 2 weeks of publication of the winner. Unclaimed Weekly Prizes will be awarded to the entrant with the next most votes during the voting period. If the Grand Prize is unclaimed, it will be awarded to the entry which is, in the judges’ opinion the next best entry having regard to the Competition criteria referred to above.
Law and Jurisdiction. This Agreement is made in Queensland and is governed by Queensland law. You accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Queensland courts and tribunals in connection with any dispute the subject of this Agreement.