Rainbird – Win &#10024 You’ll Both Be In The Running to Win a Jacket From Our Limited Edition Collaboration Range

Brief Terms & Conditions

Your Chance To Win

Win &#10024 you’ll

Win a jacket

Winners will be notified on instagram in a public post & direct messaged on instagram too

Winner’s will receive a Rainbird Clothing Collaboration jacket, each winner may select on jacket as featured in the video on Instagram (and under the ‘Shop Collaboration’ section on the website). winner will be announced by Rainbird Clothing on Instagram on 15/02/18 by 9pm AEDT.
winners jacket to a nominated address. Winner will be tagged on Instagram and contacted by Rainbird Clothing to claim their prize.
Winners must supply a postage dress and the jacket size, Rainbird Clothing will post out the winners jackets free of charge.

Winners will be notified on Instagram in a public post & direct messaged on Instagram too.

How To Enter

To enter please visit https://www.instagram.com/p/BfFbpWylGjC/

To WIN ✨ You’ll both be in the running to win a jacket from our Limited Edition Collaboration range!